Bubbles Humiliation

Governess Lexi is truly blossoming as a cruel sadist, much to bitch-boy’s cost. I am struggling to keep on top of the journal entries for Volume 11 of my Journals because of her evolution and imagination. She has become addicted to pissing on bitch-boy while he lies bound and face-up in the walk-in shower. She insists he thank her during the dousing so that it goes in his mouth. He then has a ‘supervised’ cold shower before being re-dressed. She adores me going for a nap and leaving her to ‘babysit’ bitch-boy. (I love an afternoon nap! – so decadent.)  She has babysat twice so far and includes a corporal punishment session when she does ‘babysit’ – ‘just because she can’!

Lexi keeps coming up with new torments and humiliations. She bought bitch-boy a Disney Princess advent calendar with a chocolate in each day’s window. I usually squash each chocolate under my shoe each morning before he has to consume it. Last weekend when Lexi was here, she dropped that day’s advent chocolate, broken in two, into a bowl of her piss and then spooned each bit out and fed it to bitch-boy. Obviously the spoon was full of her golden nectar too.

She also bought him some Disney Princess bubbles. She had him, dressed as a little girl, blow the bubbles and then chase them to pop them with his finger. So funny! My own imagination came to the fore. I had him hold his big dolly Suzette Simperkins in front of him and with Suzzette’s little plastic hands pop the bubbles I blew . SO HUMILIATING and so funny!

Lexi suggested that in the summer we get a bubble blowing machine and then can sit outdoors relaxing while dressed as a little girl, bitch-boy, with Suzette, chases bubbles around the garden to pop them.



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9 Responses to Bubbles Humiliation

  1. David says:

    How about making piss bubbles with pee and washing up liquid and have him catch them in his mouth/on his tongue??

    • Hmmmm, this looks like a fantasy that would not work in real life. Have you tried catching a bubble in your mouth? And I think the detergent taste would obscure any taste of urine.

  2. sissy jamieanne says:

    So delightful…as a submissive, I must confess that I am most “moved” by Governess Lexi’s nectar/chocolate combo…and of course Her babysitting adventures…lovely!

  3. Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    I am a keen reader of your blog, & have followed you almost from the beginning!

    I’m contacting you in the hope of receiving advice regarding finding a dominant woman, so that I can live a lifestyle much akin to yours & bitch-boys. Apologies, there is no private contact section on your site to my knowledge, so I have to post this in ‘public’.

    I am almost 26 years of age. I am very submissive. In brief: I have felt since I was 5 years old that I am submissive. I have never had a long term girlfriend, & in fact I’ve never even had sex. I’ve had a reasonable amount of opportunities for both, but I’ve never pursued them because, simply: I’m submissive & I cannot date vanilla woman. I can’t even initiate sex. I’m more ‘interested’ in pleasing someone else, & I literally do not possess the capability of taking control. All of this has been abundantly clear to me.

    What does arouse me however is (these are generalised examples); being chained to a cart and forced to pull said cart like a pony wearing blinkers whilst a strict dominant woman sits in the cart & commands me with reins & a whip; being locked in a suspended gibbet cage; wearing ballet boots, stockings, a maids outfit with bells attached, suspenders, a corset, a posture collar, gloves, wig & full make up, a permanently worn chastity device & being forced into real domestic maid training & general lifelong servitude (like bitchboy); CP; strap on (!); forced bi; bukkake; many more things. I think you should get the picture – what I’m trying to show is that….I like & want REAL domination.

    I am somewhat in despair as I do not know how to progress towards finding a woman who will enable me to live this lifestyle. I know that you urge caution on this site & that many submissive men need to be careful what they wish for, but I will truthfully feel invalidated as a person for my whole life if I am not able to act upon these inclinations. Of course, by the nature of such a situation I will often be in pain, but ultimately there is nothing else on Earth that would make me so content! I need to submit to a strong dominant woman who will control my entire life! Perhaps this sounds corny, but I truly feel that it is my destiny to be a sissified, controlled, enslaved male maid that is the property of a dominant woman.

    So, as a woman very much in the know, I humbly request your advice on how I can find a dominant woman much like yourself. Is Club Pedestal a potentially viable option?

    I hope to hear from you soon,


    Thank You!

    P.s, this site is truly an inspiration & a rare gem!

    • I suggest you work hard at perfecting skills like cooking, housework, laundry, ironing, massage, pedicures, cunnilingus, yard work, gardening. That you earn good money, and are physically fit – that you are not obese. Then seek a mistress by sensitive wooing. In all things, be tolerant, be patient, act with kindness, maturity and wisdom.

      If you find yourself dating a likely candidate, serve her, for instance – start by opening all doors for her, waiting on her hand and foot, doing chores for her, giving her lots of orgasms while you have none, buy her flowers and gifts for no reason. (Do not buy chocolates or candy if she is trying to lose weight – that is lazy and insensitive). Keep all this up until she would miss such devotion were it to stop, then gently introduce the subject in tiny increments.

      Club Pedestal is a potential place to find a partner Domme but there are a lot of professional Dominatrix there as well. (And, as an aside, most of them are VERY beautiful!) I also suggest BDSM contact sites, but it seems there about 100 submissive men for each dominant woman – so you are in a competition – you have to deserve a Domme to get one. You may perfect all the skills I mention and still not be lucky. You will have to compromise on some of your fantasy requirements so be prepared to do so. Good luck and best wishes.

  4. slaveadventureboy says:

    I guess to be in this spirit of things the first thing I should do is show my gratitude & be a pleasure to talk too. So, thank you very much :)! It sounds like Club Pedestal is a worthwhile venture, upon which I will soon embark. Best wishes & merry christmas to you too.

  5. chris says:

    Mistress Scarlet, firstly I wanted to thank you for your wonderful site and journals. Like many of your readers it was an eye opener when I found this site to find someone who was truly not just despotic in her superiority but understood that it was exactly that behaviour that the truly masochistic male needs. I wondered whether I may ask a question of yourself and of your readers? Could you recommend a good whip/strap or paddle for punishing the cock? I have recently become owned by a Lady who is a firm believer in punishing to fit the crime and so if I play with myself (She wont use a chastity device as She prefers me to exercise control) then my cock and balls should receive the discipline. So far everything I have found seems to be large and She would prefer something smaller. chris

    • Well my favourite is a simple, cheap, 12 inch plastic ruler. Also I think called a 300 millimetre ruler or a 30 centimetre ruler. Very light bendy ones leave a real sting, heavier ones leave a solid smack! A naughty little clitty can be made very red and sore with a plastic 12 inch ruler. And I swear the smacks actually make the naughty tube of flesh even stiffer?? as it gets more and mores sore????

      When in the USA I bought a penis flogger. Outlets supplying gay men seem to provide the best choices.

      And of course Deep Heat works well afterwards!!!! (final paragraph)

  6. chris says:

    Thank you so much for your reply Mistress Scarlet, I confess I never even considered a simple ruler and shall recommend that immediately, as well as deep heat of course – having read your journals and this site I know that is something I shall regret immensely.

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