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On Barnes and Noble and thoughts on writing journals

Amazon V10 copy - Copy

Volume 10 of my journals is now available on Barnes and Noble which I think is for Nook Book readers. It is still not available in the Apple iTunes book store. I have no idea why.

It remains available on as an ePub or as a paperback.

And on Amazon Kindle. US. UK. DE. FR. ES. IT. NL. JP. BR. CA. MX. AU. IN.



Volume 1 continues to be the subject of kind comments like the one below. I had no idea when I began to document my life by writing Volume 1 that I would be publishing Volume 10 in due course and have requests for Volume 11 (which will be published soon).

I too go back to volume 1, where you had your sister Sandra, babysit bitchboy for the week. I found the incident when she left bitchboy locked in her utility room to carry out an ironing task. Simple in its concept but fascinating in her attention to little but imaginative details to make bitchboy’s task so much more onerous. The dilemma of ironing quickly to get the task done before she returned against the risk of creases and consequent punishment, the fact that he was chained to the ironing board and the ceiling so he could not sit down when finished, the requirement to turn off the light when finished and the fact that she woud check the temperature of the light bulb to ensure that he did not switch it off the moment he heard her return and of course finally the choice given to bitchboy regarding checking for creases or accepting 25 cane strokes, which ultimately became 50.
I love the small day to day incidents described as we learn more about bitchboys descent deeper under your control, the little examples of you devious imagination, an example the use of cotton bondage, so obvious if broken and impossible to struggle against.
In the future I would love it if you could include photographs respecting of course privacy issues but one for example that I would love to see would be a long shot of bitchboy doing his rotary drying exercise!
I look forward also to seeing how things develop once you have left work and can devote more full time subjugation of bitchboy.


Electro Torture

The entries in Volume 5 of my journals appear to strike chords with a good number of my blog followers. Below is a typical comment regarding my request to hear about favourite journal entries.

The one described in the initial post is definitely a favorite, and I also love the “Gimp hung from a beam” passage from Volume 5. Another one I’ve always enjoyed is the “Look me in the eye” passage, also from Volume 5. I suppose I have a thing for electro torture! I also love the cruelty of You and Sarah making him add more and more Deep Heat. Looking forward to the next Volume!

How heartless I can be

Regarding my request to hear about followers’ favourite entries from my published journals, Mistress Jane’s slave submitted the comment below. I thought the comment might be of interest given mention of his experience of me and also of interest might be the mention of a 20%  discount at the moment from for my journals in ePub or paperback format.

Dear Mistress Scarlet,

This slave has so many to chose from. The few that spring to mind at the moment are the entries describing the first time bb is revealed to Your sisters and Mother. The line crossed here almost made me doubt it happened at first, but this was way before i had the honour of serving You alongside my Mistress and that experience left me in absolutely no doubt of what You are capable of. Other entries include reading about my Mistress with bb and playtoy, it is kind of a relief that i was not the one suffering during those torments, and of course those entries describing Your trip to London to visit my Mistress! which i still cringe at, thinking about the humiliation i was forced to endure.

Would this slave be allowed to post the discount code ‘JANSAVE20’ available for a limited time to save 20% off all downloads? ; )

Kind regards,


Favourite journal entries

I received this feedback below and I would love to hear of other favourite journal entries my loyal readers may have. It helps me know which sort of events I should write about.

Speaking of crying…I am currently reading volume 7 of Your journals…thanks to the holidays this has been a slow process! Anyways, this morning I read the chapter about the school detention…OMG…that pushed sooooo many buttons with me! I confess I was dribbling a mess in my panties…soooo delicious…Thank You Ma’am for sharing that!

In respect,

sissy jamieanne


Slave applications to Mistress Sonia

In my earlier blog post on this matter I wrote, –‘If you are interested in seeking to become her slave and sub, leave a comment on this blog. I will not publish your comment. I will pass your email address and comment onto her.’

I would have rejected many of you already because you did not even read what I wrote properly. I wrote that I will not publish your comment. That obviously means that it will not appear on my blog. So you do not need to post a comment more than once!  Learning how many of you can not follow even the simplest instruction, makes me very pleased that I have bitch-boy. (As it is ‘grunt’ work, bitch-boy has been forwarding each of your ‘comment applications’ to Mistress Sonia. There have been 32 so far – to give you a sense of numbers.) Mistress Sonia will email each of you so be patient.





And more humiliation ideas

Below is part of a comment received on this blog from Christine M. I was pleased to note that even my tenth published journal is providing ideas to make little submissives lives more ‘interesting’ and their Dommes’ lives more amusing. There is a symbiosis demonstrated by the comment. I have some novel ideas for punishment and humiliation and I publish my experiences of those. Readers read of my ideas and then come back to me with their novel ideas which I use on bitch-boy and write about, and so a self perpetuating loop of delightful ideas continues. Christine’s tantrum idea below is a case in point!

I just bought your journal issue 10. Delightful. I got so many ideas for humiliation when he gets petticoat punishment. Yes, derek has his dollies too. My favourite game, which he hates; is ‘Tantrums’. He has to ask for his dollies. When i say, no; he has to throw a big tantrum to get to play with his dollies. So funny to see a grown man stamping and crying for his dollies. If he doesn’t put on a good show, he gets caned. Of course for a successful tantrum he generally earns a spanking too, before he gets his dolly time!
So thank you for sharing so many more ideas for his dolly time


Submissive male needed for long term commitment

A Domme friend of mine has recently parted ways with her submissive and seeks a replacement. She is looking for a long term commitment. She is VERY dominant and experienced.

If you are interested in seeking to become her slave and sub, leave a comment on this blog. I will not publish your comment. I will pass your email address and comment onto her.