Cruel Governess Lexi

bitch-boy is beside himself with dread and shame. The closest to rebellion he has been for a long while. (But he has not rebelled). I am arranging for Governess Lexi to come down to my house one afternoon this week and ‘babysit’ bitch-boy until I get home from work. Imagine all alone and at the mercy of a woman less than half his age who is, among other things, going to have him naked while she pisses on him, then a cold shower, then dressed up in his new faux little girl dress with make-up, false lashes and all the trimmings. There will be a harsh deterrent punishment to make his bottom very red and marked. She has said she will have him perform  a nursery rhyme in front of her, over and over, while she ignores him and reads a magazine.  She is going to have him write lines about how he is cuckolded. And so much more. These are her plans so far which she asked me to pass onto him to give him plenty to fret about.

I will be at work, thinking of poor bb (and my power to be able to put him through this) and my precious girlfriend Lexi enjoying very much making bitch-boy so miserable.


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8 Responses to Cruel Governess Lexi

  1. sissy jamieanne says:

    Oh poor bitchboy! I understand how being “babysat” and tormented by a woman less than half his age adds to his humiliation and discomfiture! However, considering his status this is clearly appropriate…She may be less than half his age, but She is his Superior! I know that if I were in his position, being spanked and stood nose to the wall by a Woman so young would be absolutely mortifying…these are punishments that seem juvenile and having them visited upon me by such a young Woman…oh my!

    Wishing You a lovely day, Mistress Scarlet! I’m still working on Volume 7 (enjoying it in small, delicious sips)…and I think it is Your best work thus far! If I was in awe of You and Your dominance before, I am tenfold now!

    In humble respect,

    sissy jamieanne

  2. sara elise says:

    hee hee….sounds like he is in for a very *interesting* day! sara

  3. john says:

    It’s been some time since i wrote You, Mistress Scarlet. You gave me such incredible advice on how to serve my Wife better and attempt to get Her to enjoy being dominant in our relationship. You stressed patience as one of the most important factors. i relayed to You the difficulties of having children in the house as it impedes the growth of a true s/m setting between us parents. Through Your advice things were gradually going extremely well. My Wife was enjoying all the attention i was giving Her with constant body massages to Her in person and “tidying up” all of Her stuff while She was away. Then summer vacation from school happened for the kids and everything changed. At night instead of attention from me, She preferred inviting the kids to sleep in our bed every night dampening any hopes of me serving Her like i was. This went on for the whole summer and crushed the routine that was developing between us. After summer ended i already had fallen back into my old ways of taking care of myself through thoughts of being dominated. At this point i just don’t believe my Wife likes being dominant. She believes we need counseling to fix my “problem” of wanting to be dominated by Her. i’ve explained to Her in the past that these thoughts have been with me as far back as when i was five years old and there was no getting them out of me. This was written just as an update. i appreciated You taking the time to write me such detailed responses and great advice. From this submissive male it is without question that bitchboy is so lucky to have found You. i will continue the existence, like so many others who follow your writings, of visualizing all the torments You bestow on bb that You are doing to me. The best part of Your writings for me is how You translate the incredible feeling of glee You are having as You are being dominant. Although never seeing Your face i always picture the look that You describe liking in female domination photos. Not that stern-look face from the mad female domme, but the confident, half grinning face of a female enjoying being served as a Goddess and reveling in the fact that Her sub has an uncontrollable desire to live only to serve Her. Or the other face You have described as the one of ignoring….carrying on with whatever You are doing while Your sub is suffering close by. The moment so important to the sub but looking so unimportant to the Goddess. Great stuff. Thank You so much.

    • The counselling suggestion is so sad. Its like suggesting a gay person should go to counselling to become straight.

      You are very gracious given your circumstances. You are an impressive person.

  4. Mistress Hannah says:

    I think Governess Lexi is devine. I would very much like to meet her one day. So pleased for you Scarlet.

    I wonder perhapes bb could draw a pretty picture for his Mistress for her return from work… Perhaps drawing around his little clitty much as a child would draw around their hand, all coloured in pretty bright colours..How small it would look on that big piece of A4 paper..

    Have fun Governess Lexi!!

    Mistress Hannah x

  5. Sweep says:

    Dear Ms Scarlet,
    Regarding the counselling, if only more people were as enlightened as you! On another note, you wrote “The closest to rebellion he has been for a long while. (But he has not rebelled)”.
    Have there ever been any real rebellions?
    Happy new year,

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