And more humiliation ideas

Below is part of a comment received on this blog from Christine M. I was pleased to note that even my tenth published journal is providing ideas to make little submissives lives more ‘interesting’ and their Dommes’ lives more amusing. There is a symbiosis demonstrated by the comment. I have some novel ideas for punishment and humiliation and I publish my experiences of those. Readers read of my ideas and then come back to me with their novel ideas which I use on bitch-boy and write about, and so a self perpetuating loop of delightful ideas continues. Christine’s tantrum idea below is a case in point!

I just bought your journal issue 10. Delightful. I got so many ideas for humiliation when he gets petticoat punishment. Yes, derek has his dollies too. My favourite game, which he hates; is ‘Tantrums’. He has to ask for his dollies. When i say, no; he has to throw a big tantrum to get to play with his dollies. So funny to see a grown man stamping and crying for his dollies. If he doesn’t put on a good show, he gets caned. Of course for a successful tantrum he generally earns a spanking too, before he gets his dolly time!
So thank you for sharing so many more ideas for his dolly time


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3 Responses to And more humiliation ideas

  1. fluffy says:

    Damned if he doesn’t / damned if he does!
    oh how mischievous women rock!

  2. mddiane says:


    I’d call that “self perpetuating loop” continuous improvement, or maybe even lifelong learning. As Dommes, our goals should be to make our submissive’s lives more “interesting” and ours “more amusing!”


  3. Play-toy says:

    I absolutely love this idea!! It would be very amusing to watch bitch-boy have to go through doing that.

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