Slave applications to Mistress Sonia

In my earlier blog post on this matter I wrote, –‘If you are interested in seeking to become her slave and sub, leave a comment on this blog. I will not publish your comment. I will pass your email address and comment onto her.’

I would have rejected many of you already because you did not even read what I wrote properly. I wrote that I will not publish your comment. That obviously means that it will not appear on my blog. So you do not need to post a comment more than once!  Learning how many of you can not follow even the simplest instruction, makes me very pleased that I have bitch-boy. (As it is ‘grunt’ work, bitch-boy has been forwarding each of your ‘comment applications’ to Mistress Sonia. There have been 32 so far – to give you a sense of numbers.) Mistress Sonia will email each of you so be patient.





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One Response to Slave applications to Mistress Sonia

  1. punkahwallah says:

    Ongoing problem: men like myself are pretty thick and struggle to follow even basic instructions.

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