How heartless I can be

Regarding my request to hear about followers’ favourite entries from my published journals, Mistress Jane’s slave submitted the comment below. I thought the comment might be of interest given mention of his experience of me and also of interest might be the mention of a 20%  discount at the moment from for my journals in ePub or paperback format.

Dear Mistress Scarlet,

This slave has so many to chose from. The few that spring to mind at the moment are the entries describing the first time bb is revealed to Your sisters and Mother. The line crossed here almost made me doubt it happened at first, but this was way before i had the honour of serving You alongside my Mistress and that experience left me in absolutely no doubt of what You are capable of. Other entries include reading about my Mistress with bb and playtoy, it is kind of a relief that i was not the one suffering during those torments, and of course those entries describing Your trip to London to visit my Mistress! which i still cringe at, thinking about the humiliation i was forced to endure.

Would this slave be allowed to post the discount code ‘JANSAVE20’ available for a limited time to save 20% off all downloads? ; )

Kind regards,


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8 Responses to How heartless I can be

  1. sb says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    Very sorry to disturb You again but this slave is baffled by the HNT tag You have applied to my post. i am too stupid to work it out. Can You please let me know what it stands for, i thought i knew all of them…

    Thank You in advance,


    • Given it is so niche I will drop this tag from now on.
      It stands for Half Naked Thursday and represents the protocol that a Mistress, dressed in her everyday clothes, can have her slave half naked or naked any day of the week she pleases simply to show the status difference between them. It is a favourite of mine because I love CFNM.

  2. finbig says:

    I found your blog mid oct. All I see is love .B.B. and you have for each other.Have you told B.B. you love him today? Im a 73 yr old m sub. with cancer that never got close to having your life.I just wanted to thank you for being you. always had a foot thing. Ask B.B.(LOL) if he would do something for me. Get lip gloss dark red kiss your feet post a picture. kissis from me.What else can he kiss toilet maybe to show he loves all your things. God bless you take good care of B.B. he is a mans mans Bill

  3. westfalen says:

    Very much applaud the spirit of the comment above by @finbig that your b-b is quite a man, and more specifically a real Femme-Domme’s one.:) It is good to turn conventional standards on their head by redefining a man to be one able to thrive in such a wonderful regime.

  4. westfalen says:

    Yes true as you describe it MsScarlet, but i might further offer my view, this/his only area of weakness is vis a vis lovely you in his relationship with and under you, while seemingly he is quite strong in the conventional vanilla modes (as you have described him) and so imo, even stronger than most conventional males due to his added internal strength and muscles (physical and psychological) developed as your slave…….as we all seem to acknowledge and value here, it does require significant strength and courage to serve and endure in such a relationship= extra manly credit for him ! .

    • He does happen to have extreme courage, both physical and mental when operating in the vanilla world, but I am not sure that is necessary to make a good sub. I think it is going too far to say he requires courage to serve as he now has no choice and if there is no choice there can be no courage. It does require considerable courage for a sub at the point where they hand over all chance of escape and accept there can be no boundaries, safe-words or limits ever again.

  5. westfalen says:

    Yes that is what i was mainly referring to in that he seemed to have encouraged you to take things to that more extreme level of your total dominance back earlier in your relationship, and had the courage at the decision point time to consent accordingly .

    In a free society as your’s is, there is not really an issue of being ‘able to escape’ per se as should he decide to, presumably he could leave-??~~ albeit at presumably great cost and discomfort to his life also, non?

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