On Barnes and Noble and thoughts on writing journals

Amazon V10 copy - Copy

Volume 10 of my journals is now available on Barnes and Noble which I think is for Nook Book readers. It is still not available in the Apple iTunes book store. I have no idea why.

It remains available on Lulu.com as an ePub or as a paperback.

And on Amazon Kindle. US. UK. DE. FR. ES. IT. NL. JP. BR. CA. MX. AU. IN.



Volume 1 continues to be the subject of kind comments like the one below. I had no idea when I began to document my life by writing Volume 1 that I would be publishing Volume 10 in due course and have requests for Volume 11 (which will be published soon).

I too go back to volume 1, where you had your sister Sandra, babysit bitchboy for the week. I found the incident when she left bitchboy locked in her utility room to carry out an ironing task. Simple in its concept but fascinating in her attention to little but imaginative details to make bitchboy’s task so much more onerous. The dilemma of ironing quickly to get the task done before she returned against the risk of creases and consequent punishment, the fact that he was chained to the ironing board and the ceiling so he could not sit down when finished, the requirement to turn off the light when finished and the fact that she woud check the temperature of the light bulb to ensure that he did not switch it off the moment he heard her return and of course finally the choice given to bitchboy regarding checking for creases or accepting 25 cane strokes, which ultimately became 50.
I love the small day to day incidents described as we learn more about bitchboys descent deeper under your control, the little examples of you devious imagination, an example the use of cotton bondage, so obvious if broken and impossible to struggle against.
In the future I would love it if you could include photographs respecting of course privacy issues but one for example that I would love to see would be a long shot of bitchboy doing his rotary drying exercise!
I look forward also to seeing how things develop once you have left work and can devote more full time subjugation of bitchboy.


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2 Responses to On Barnes and Noble and thoughts on writing journals

  1. Mistress Hannah says:


    I thought you might enjoy a comment from another Domme regarding your journals. I know your main reason for doing this, providing the world with an insight into your life, is because you genuinely hope to inspire other women to enjoy this wonderful lifestyle.
    A course that I believe truly shows your wonderful giving charector to your fellow Dominant women.

    When I discovered your website and then very soon after your journals, it was like a light bulb came on. I remember messaging my sub at the time to tell him all about this women who understood and was living the style of dominance I was looking for.

    I find your blog and journals a constant source of inspiration and can honestly say that it has had a profound positive effect on my journey as a Domme and for that I thank you.

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