Make the true submissive truly content

When it comes to spanking, make the genuine submissive deeply content by following this golden rule.

A meaningful spanking only truly begins, when the recipient is TRULY desperate for it to end.


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10 Responses to Make the true submissive truly content

  1. Mistress Hannah says:

    I couldn’t agree more Scarlet!

    Hannah x

  2. Carl says:

    i totally agree Ma’am.

  3. Richard Jameslon says:


  4. fluffy says:

    this slave has pictures of male slaves doing chores Mistress – how may he send them to you?
    respect fluffy

  5. sissy jamieanne says:

    Good morning Mistress Scarlet…

    This is a very true statement, Ma’am! It’s when the spanking becomes truly unbearable…when I think that I cannot take another swat or stroke…when the begging with all my heart begins…this is when the real spanking…the meaningful spanking begins! As a submissive, I hate this…but as a submissive, it puts my head and heart where they belong!

    Thank You Mistress for sharing this wisdom…

    In humble respect to You,

    sissy jamieanne

  6. westfalen says:

    Such a good way to put it…….could also be applied to bondage such that only when he truly wants to be freed, do the ropes really begin to bite!

    On a related point, may i ask if you have a profile on FL MsScarlet?

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