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Extreme Restraints

There is a good on-line shop for BDSM equipment called Extreme Restraints . I have just bought some birthday ‘presents’ for Play-toy from the site. BUT, if you are in the UK there is an issue. The site presents as a UK site and prices are in UK sterling, but when you place an order it seems the retailer is based in the USA. Two issues with this. Firstly, there is a customs charge to pay so my last set of purchase ended up around £15 more expensive than expected. Secondly, there is the risk of the people at customs opening up the package and if you worry about your good name and reputation in the vanilla world, this may concern you.



More Pain, by Accident

There is an issue of a little complexity about dealing with pain caused to your sub by accident, or by your clumsiness while dominating.

Firstly, I believe that subs want to have the image of their Domme as living breathing perfection in every way. Therefore if you accidently hurt your sub or hurt them through your clumsiness, you are not perfect and that is a bad for your image. A good example is whip wraparound.

To give an example of whip wraparound (WW). bitch-boy is tied face down over the dining table and I am whipping him with my dressage whip which is very long and very thin. It is ‘whippy’. My intention is to land the whip evenly across both buttocks causing very significant pain. bitch-boy knows that is my intention. He knows me. However I clumsily allow the whip to overhang the target which means – after initial impact with the buttocks, the free end of the whip continues to travel at much greater speed, wraps around and strikes bitch-boy’s hip. The additional speed means the pain is agonising. (The additional speed is a matter of geometry and physics). Now, as bitch-boy knows that I did not mean that to happen, my image of control and perfection is dented. Not a good thing.

So I do try to avoid accidents and clumsiness. There is very little that is erotic about accidently poking your sub in the eye with your cane tip!

HOWEVER, these things will happen. When they do I have simple solution. I say the following to bitch-boy.

‘It is unfortunate that just happened bitch-boy. We both know that I did not intend it to. But it’s an inevitability that these things will happen from time to time isn’t it. It’s just one of those things. So it’s just something else for you to endure as my slave isn’t it. The occasional mishaps that cause you to suffer in ways I did not intend.’ He gives me a look of desolate acquiescence. He knows I am right and he knows I never feel sorry for him no matter how his suffering at my hands has been produced. He is in awe. He feels utterly helpless. His submissive core remains at peace.

Great Femdom Tumblr site

Following my rant post last Saturday, bitch-boy has found a Tumblr site which meets so many of my requirements. No dungeons, no warehouses, no leather or PVC, etc. And it has a very large store of images.

And a bizarre and wonderful niche site which seems to be published by a real couple where the slaves cock comes in for some serious treatment. Just what cocks were made for and located so conveniently for. I especially like the videos where she masturbates, sitting on a chair and the male’s cock is seriously squashed by the chair structure. Hot!

Cropping game lasts all afternoon

I once read of a great game which one can play with a sub although I have not played it for years now.

Select a day when there is a full horse racing fixture covered on live TV. Have your slave select the horse he believes will win each race. (You might want to remove the odds from the list of runners so that the slave does not always pick the favourite – but, to be honest, it does not really matter if he does.) Note each horse and the jockey’s colours for each horse. Set up a footstall facing the TV. Secure your slave bent face down, on hands and knees, over the footstall. Buckle a bit gag into his mouth. Sit behind your slave. You may choose to wear tight jodhpurs, riding boots and a silk blouse. Each live race then goes as follows.

You watch the horse your slave selected for the race. If it is leading the field, your slave just gets the odd stroke of the crop to keep him in the lead. If he is not leading, and particularly when you get to the last few furlongs of the race, the cropping becomes vigorous to try to motivate your slave/horse to take the lead. If your slave/horse does not win the race, he is then punished for laziness, in the gap before the next race. Should he come at the back of the runners the punishment has to be considerable! Should your slave/horse win a race, he can be stroked and praised, (stroked ‘between the legs’ may be best). Each race follows this protocol.

As it is a day at the races, I find a few glasses of champagne help me get fully into the race-day mindset, as the event progresses.


Tumblr Femdom images

My Tumblr site now has 8000 followers. I am pleased with that although not sure at all if it is an impressive number.

I particularly like images of dominant women in everyday clothes, relaxed and happy and amused, while men are naked or dressed as little girls and mainly being ignored. Perhaps standing in the corner with a red bottom, or playing with dollies, or licking the soles of the woman’s shoes or boots clean. or sitting at a table writing lines, or doing housework or ironing, (dressed as a sissy maid); while the woman reads a newspaper or book, or watches TV or talks on the phone, or smokes a cigarette, or chats with a visiting friend or two.

I very much like images where the male is in chastity and the woman is being licked by him, or she is getting dressed, or putting make-up on, or he is giving her a massage or applying moisturiser to her, or she is in the bath. I also like images of males in sensory deprivation bondage where the woman is in the shot, leaving him for his hours of misery. Finally I like to see a male in bondage and his cock being tortured in some way, and I like to see a male being spat on and/or pissed on.

What a depraved woman I have become! I have no shame.

It is a shame that so often the male is in accordance with one of the above descriptions, but the female is in some uncomfortable leather or PVC outfit, or in her underwear. I just don’t get why the women are not simply in smart evening wear, or clothes that would be worn in an office, or just tight leggings – a simple top and Ugg boot style slippers. Real dominant women who own a helpless male toy, very rarely wear uncomfortable leather or PVC outfits while they read a newspaper or watche TV or talk on the phone or chat with a visiting friend or two. Neither do real dominant women spend all day in their underwear!

Well I am in full flow rant now! I also do not like to see an alleged domestic scene arranged between the male and female, but it taking place in a stone walled dungeon, or a massive warehouse! And I hate dance or rock music added to a Femdom video!!!! Why add any music???

And then my favourite is of course, two females kissing or making love or just cuddled up on the sofa together – while the male suffers in some way.

(I do actually LOVE all sorts of images of Lezdom, and if a male looks at such a shot and imagines himself in the role of the submissive – all well and good. But I decided that there are so many males who look at such shots and imagine themselves in the role of the dominant, that I cannot include Lezdom shots on my Tumblr site. Make of that what you may.)

Most Extreme Sensory Deprivation Bondage

For many, many decades there was an oceanic mystery. Where were the mature male Angler Fish? There were plenty of juvenile Angler Fish and plenty of juvenile AND  mature female Angler fish, but no mature male Angler Fish. Then, quite recently, after the dissection of a mature female Angler fish, the mystery was solved. It was discovered that on reaching maturity, male Angler Fish attach themselves to the side of the female and very quickly the female grows around and partially over them and the male becomes a living part of the female. The male is tiny compared to the female. The male no longer has sight or smell and has zero movement and zero free-will (if fish have free will??). The male is sustained by the female’s blood and the female extracts sperm from the male when it is time to be fertilised. No sexual congress is involved. And that is the life of the male – forever immobile and blind and attached to the female, like a bodily organ, until they both die. Extreme Sensory Deprivation Bondage and servitude!

I asked bitch-boy, who has an amazing knowledge of science and nature, to give me interesting examples of ‘female dominance’ in the animal kingdom. The Angler Fish was the first he came up with.

He also mentioned that in almost all species of birds of prey, the female is larger and stronger than the male. Literally ruling the roost. That did make me think how the world would be if the vast majority of females were bigger and stronger than the males. No doubt a culture would have developed so that in the marital bedroom men were physically forced to spend many hours performing cunilingus on their overbearing wives and then very often the males would be left without an orgasm themselves. Men would get into trouble for misbehaving or not keeping the house clean. What a shame the evolution of the species regarding gender and testosterone went the way it did.

I will finally mention the 50 or so Birds of Paradise species. bitch-boy points out that anthropomorphists so often feel sorry for the female of each species who is normally brown and drab while the male has amazing plumage and performs incredibly complex dance rituals to entice a female to mate. bitch-boy sees this differently from those that feel sorry for the male. The females need not care about their appearance and can just turn up on a branch to assess the male. The male must be in all his finery and then dance for her amusement and approval. And if she is not impressed, she just flies off. So applying anthropomorphism with more logic, the male has to be all dressed up like a tart and then dance and dance while the aloof and simply dressed female watches and assesses. ‘All dressed up? Now dance bitch, dance if you want me!


CBT – interdental brushes

I had to laugh on my visit to the dental hygienist this week to find a pile of leaflets on the counter. I took the one below.

IMG_0786 - Copy - Copy

The information at the bottom explaining the different colours for each size is so helpful for any Nurse Nasty that may read it. And I love the strap lines. ‘Brush and smile‘ – well when I use the brush I certainly smile – not sure about a smile from poor bitch-boy though! And, ‘Daily for best results’ – very amusing!

strict Petticoating Regime Link

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I have always had on my blog a link to the website currently called Petticoat Discipline Quarterly.

Many, many years ago, together with letters in Madame magazines, the letters published on the 2nd of each month on the Petticoat Discipline Quarterly site educated me on the art of petticoating, shame dressing and shaming rituals. I have to say though that over the last year, until this month, the letters have not been useful – mostly being from sissy males who want to be dressed as sissies and be treated as a happy little girl or baby. For me, this is NOTHING to do with Female Domination. However, this month’s edition seems to be a wonderful throwback to how the content used to be. Several letters detailing Domestic Female Tyrannical regimes where the male does not want to endure the shaming or do the chores or be in chastity but has no option. I really hope the site returns to publishing letters with this content each month.


The cruelty of not laughing

There is an interesting dilemma when putting a slave through a terrible humiliation. For example, having bitch-boy dressed as a parody of a little girl with a dress coming down only to his hips, shaved genitals on display, huge ribbon bow on his head and with a lisping voice – performing a nursery rhyme with childish actions to the words. In front of three very cruel and heartless dominant women. (As will be happening this weekend.)

Does one laugh or just stare with an expression of contempt? Generally my friends and I laugh and find ways to make the humiliation yet more amusing for us, and we laugh more. BUT, it does seem that it is even worse for bitch-boy when we are not amused, when there is no humour. When he is looked at with contempt and derision as he performs. When he is partially ignored during his routine while we chat about something other than him. Just the odd glance in his direction indicating his unimportance and our disdain for him and our power over him. Is it more cruel to not display mirth, indicating that his profound shaming provides our pleasure without it needing to be funny?

To laugh or not to laugh, that is the question.

Governess Lexi enjoys not laughing. When she babysits bitch-boy she will often have him begin his rendition of ‘The wheels on the bus’, and then she will read a magazine or a book. When he is finished, without even looking up, she will utter one word, ‘Again.’ And bitch-boy has to repeat the rendition. Again and again with only the occasional glance of mocking contempt from Governess Lexi.

To laugh or not to laugh, that is the question.