An update on Mistress Sonia’s search for a slave

Mistress Sonia has been having great fun whittling down the huge number of potential slaves who have contacted me for a full time slave position with her. Her exacting initial email to each applicant, requesting a naked photo etc. certainly sorts the wheat from the chaff. Applications from teenagers and from those over 70 have all been received. An amazing number offer immediately to hand over all their assets and pay their wage or pension into her bank account.

Mistress Sonia has one or two real favourites so far and they have suffered a great deal by SKYPE in order to prove their suitability. She has recently reduced one to tears when he had to consume his own ejaculate and then close to tears when having to adopt the Fretting Pose. I find it to be a fascinating exercise to be updated on!

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9 Responses to An update on Mistress Sonia’s search for a slave

  1. fluffy says:

    wonders what the fretting pose is – is this something originating from BB?

    respect from fluffy

  2. Please excuse my ignorance here but when exactly is the ‘fretting pose’? For once Google hasn’t provided an answer.

  3. Apparently Surprised says:

    Reduced to tears from eating their own cum? Seriously? That’s hilarious..and what is fretting position?

  4. sissy jamieanne says:

    What a life a Mistress has…males waiting in line…begging for the privilege of being abused, humiliated and emasculated! And even offering to turn over their assets and pay! Can there be any doubt that we males deserve to be enslaved?!?!?

    Most humbly

    sissy jamieanne

  5. Richard Jameslon says:


  6. G says:

    Crying whilst eating his own cum whilst his Mistress is watching and doing the fret Pose also for his Mistress and almost crying

    Seems some very poor quality slaves applied
    Sounds like heaven and the normal thing for a slave to be doing
    Maybe that’s thats me.

    • Being judgemental is unattractive and shallow. If it was the slave’s first time at this, it could easily be traumatic, which is sweet. If I cause tears and upset it gives me pleasure regardless of a slave’s experience. I would not call it poor quality.

  7. westfalen says:

    Would be curious in future updates, how many of those financial offers from candidate slaves actually come to fruition should she call them on it……at that stage of the application process, many candidates have been known to think with their lower tool not the one between their ears……but it does reveal the great unsatisfied yearnings out there in the male sub population for sure!

    • Given all the circumstances and interactions and words in these cases Mistress Sonia is VERY sure the slaves in question would have followed through with their financial commitment. I think it is more to do with true sub males acting on fantasies only to regret later. Their regrets would likely have been after the financial arrangements were in place. Or some would never have regretted it, and just dropped happily into 24/7/365 100% slavery, including financial.

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