Fretting Pose

Well my post below has caused a number of followers to ask. ‘What is the Fretting Pose?‘ Those of you who have read my most recent journals will know that the Fretting Pose is something I have introduced to deeply shame bitch-boy when dressed in his little girl outfit and when he is not needed for a few minutes. I will instruct him to adopt the fretting pose if Governess Lexi and I are about to embark on some extended kissing and caressing in front of him, or she is about to lick me. Or I have him on my own and, for instance, I receive a phone call. I will curtly instruct – ‘Fretting Pose pansy-piece.

He must then stand, as he has been trained to do, with the toes of his Mary Jane shoes touching but the heels wide apart. His right hand must hold his right ear lobe by finger and thumb, his left thumb must be sucked in his mouth with his fingers in a fist. And there he stands, in his little girl outfit, utterly humiliated and looking profoundly ridiculous. (If he has had thick lipstick applied, which is often, he must simply hold his left thumb very close to his parted lips as though he is sucking on it.)

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5 Responses to Fretting Pose

  1. sara elise says:

    Hee hee… the fretting pose is sooo humiliating! i’m glad i don’t have to do it… but, it also sounds hot, lol 🙂 sara

  2. boot gimp says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about the fretting pose and bb’s new presents. It has put my mind firmly into subspace and thinking over time about humiliation ideas. While reading the bb Q@A recently I was interested in how he is sometimes allowed to watch sport but other times Mistress Scarlet doesn’t allow it purely because she can. This got me thinking because I am a massive sports fan and count myself lucky I’m allowed to watch live sport. However I couldn’t help but wonder what pointless things my Mistress may make me do during the period of time a game is on. I fist came up with the idea of doing a 1000 piece jigsaw for the full 90 minutes of a live match. This then I turned this idea into something I feel you may like Mistress Scarlet. You could have bb compete a 1000 piece jigsaw, then turn it over and fill the back with handwritten lines. Humiliating lines or a mantra dedicated to his Owner and Mistress. Then he should paint over the actual picture in black paint. He is then left with an extremely hard and time consuming task. Also very boring and also painful..I always get back and neck pain when doing a jigsaw. This could be something pointless for him to do for a set amount of time when there is something specific he really wants to be doing. Bb could be allowed to watch the match build up on the telly and and then Mistress could personally switch the TV off the second the game kicks off. Then bb will spend the entire allotted match time on his pointless difficult task. just an idea Mistress Scarlet.

    • I am not sure about the effort involved in producing a custom puzzle because I already have a number of ultra tedious/humiliating past times for him when those are the emotions I choose for him to suffer. Its a nice idea though.
      I do like the thought of allowing him to watch a match build-up and then turning off the TV and putting him to tedium the moment the match starts.

  3. westfalen says:

    Or perhaps allowing him to watch a match, but should his team lose, his punishment becomes severe post-match…..would make it more ‘exciting’ for him with his skin in the game so to speak!

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