Cruel presents from Governess Lexi

Governess Lexi just cannot stop buying presents for poor bitch-boy. Just about every time she visits there is another present for bitch-boy to receive on his knees and then give heartfelt thanks for. And then he gets to use the gift to provide amusement to his superiors. Below is a photo of some of the gifts.

IMG_0777 - Copy

He has yet to learn to play a tune on his Disney princess recorder. But it is so amusing to have him attempt to, just like a little girl. He will learn a tune though. I am hoping to find a Youtube recorder lesson for a simple child’s tune. We also like to blow bubbles towards him using the Disney princess bubbles and, kneeling, he has to hold his big dolly Suzette Simperkins in front of him and pop the bubbles with Suzette’s hands.

The other items are little girl’s Pom poms used when doing little girl dances, a ‘cock-mug’ and make-up. On the latter, Governess likes her helpless charge to be thoroughly covered with foundation before the other make-up is added. I had not used foundation before. He hates it which is delightful. His Governess spends ages applying make-up. He is her human doll and she shows no mercy ever. Isn’t he lucky to have a Governess less than half his age with absolute power over him. Next week, she is babysitting him for a few hours while I go out to a Spa. bitch-boy is petrified at the prospect of being home alone with his strict heartless Governess. So he should be! She alternates between forcing him to adopt a little girl role to perfection and heartlessly punishing him with tawse and cane – again and again. (I should add that she also gives him a thorough golden shower before dressing him.)

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5 Responses to Cruel presents from Governess Lexi

  1. sissyjamieanne says:

    Governess Lexi is so very generous to be with Her gifts! I wonder…is he ever allowed the privilege of kissing Her Superior feet and/or bottom in proper thanks? Seems so very humiliating and proper for him to submit to a Woman so young and yet so vastly Superior to him!

    Most humbly,


  2. westfalen says:

    Nice that you found such a good partner for dominating your b-b!……Her presence allows you more free time for the spa, etc, while knowing he is still in good and painful hands:)

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