The cruelty of not laughing

There is an interesting dilemma when putting a slave through a terrible humiliation. For example, having bitch-boy dressed as a parody of a little girl with a dress coming down only to his hips, shaved genitals on display, huge ribbon bow on his head and with a lisping voice – performing a nursery rhyme with childish actions to the words. In front of three very cruel and heartless dominant women. (As will be happening this weekend.)

Does one laugh or just stare with an expression of contempt? Generally my friends and I laugh and find ways to make the humiliation yet more amusing for us, and we laugh more. BUT, it does seem that it is even worse for bitch-boy when we are not amused, when there is no humour. When he is looked at with contempt and derision as he performs. When he is partially ignored during his routine while we chat about something other than him. Just the odd glance in his direction indicating his unimportance and our disdain for him and our power over him. Is it more cruel to not display mirth, indicating that his profound shaming provides our pleasure without it needing to be funny?

To laugh or not to laugh, that is the question.

Governess Lexi enjoys not laughing. When she babysits bitch-boy she will often have him begin his rendition of ‘The wheels on the bus’, and then she will read a magazine or a book. When he is finished, without even looking up, she will utter one word, ‘Again.’ And bitch-boy has to repeat the rendition. Again and again with only the occasional glance of mocking contempt from Governess Lexi.

To laugh or not to laugh, that is the question.

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9 Responses to The cruelty of not laughing

  1. slave g says:

    Not laughing is more humiliating on a deeper level as this shows not only real comptempt but how pathetic She really thinks he is. I had a similar experience once in a session when Mistress brought in one of Her Female friends to sit and watch. Her friend was just staring at me as Mistress was humiliating me which made me feel inside so low and a total imbecile. I really did feel how truly pathetic i am and not a real man whatsoever. Deep down most slaves need to feel there is some respect even if it is not shown, but by not laughing this is saying there isn’t any on any level

  2. sissyjamieanne says:

    slave g makes it very real! His description of how totally humiliating it is to have a Superior looking at you with disdain and contempt makes being laughed at seem merciful…that said, I’m “well read” on the practices of Mistress Scarlet…and I know that mercy is NOT among Her qualities (which is why as a submissive I am in total awe of Her)!!!

    Most humbly submitted,


  3. slave knickers says:

    Thank you for a thought provoking post Mistress Scarlet. I tend to agree that not laughing is the worst, and being ignored is worse still. Laughter at least validates the slave’s efforts, contempt or ignoring the slave means no attention or pay off at all for the slave. I was once made to dance the can can in front of several Superiors. I burned with shame at the laughter, but when they made me repeat it and some just chatted amongst themselves I found it much worse as all my efforts got me no attention, not even ridicule.

  4. John Wilmot says:

    As a dominant man, I find the depths to which you have driven bitch-boy to be absolutely superb, and very instructive. Although I’m sure there are big differences between male and female submission, the completeness with which you have tyrannised every aspect of his psyche is an inspiration to me.

    The way you describe his plight, and how he will never be allowed to fuck you again is most amusing. I was recently returning from a party where I had enjoyed the attentions of three attractive women at the same time, and I suddenly recalled one of your posts. It made me smirk to think that whilst some of us are out having debauched fun, your little bitch-boy is locked up in his silly dress with no hope of release!


  5. Christine says:

    I tend to agree the real cruelty to a male’s regular totmentors is to ignore him. There he is playing with his dollies or singing nursery thymes, feeling totally stupid and ignored; yet he dare not stop!
    In the case of visitors it is hard to say whether total disdain or laughter is worse, they cut equally hard and highlight how much he has fallen.
    I find the real time for laughter is as he writhes and screams from an applicarion of Linex, he is quite distraught, longing for sympathy, concern, relief; yet all he gets his ridicule!

  6. sam says:

    Not laughing is far more humiliating, ignoring him even more. And while you are talking nicely with your female friend, your tone is getting stern and unfriendly, or even harsh, with deep voice when talking to him.

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