CBT – interdental brushes

I had to laugh on my visit to the dental hygienist this week to find a pile of leaflets on the counter. I took the one below.

IMG_0786 - Copy - Copy

The information at the bottom explaining the different colours for each size is so helpful for any Nurse Nasty that may read it. And I love the strap lines. ‘Brush and smile‘ – well when I use the brush I certainly smile – not sure about a smile from poor bitch-boy though! And, ‘Daily for best results’ – very amusing!

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10 Responses to CBT – interdental brushes

  1. fluffy says:

    how kind of you to share that with BB MsScarlet
    of all your torments, other than perhaps the stinging nettles, it is the without any compunction use of the interdental brushes by yourself and your sister Ms Sarah, with descriptions like ‘into the hilt’ & ‘twirled it about’ that put the fear of God into me!
    simply thrilling real femdom đŸ™‚
    respect from

  2. I am sorry Mistress but I don’t quite follow. How do you like to use these?

  3. Christine says:

    I have to ask, “Which size do you recommend?”

    • If your slave is new to this, buy a variety pack on eBay or Amazon and in session 1, you can start with the smallest and work your way up until the squealing is very heartfelt! That gives you the size to start with the next time. Enjoy!

  4. sissyjamieanne says:

    Such a lovely poster, Ma’am! I’m sure bb would love to have it hanging at his desk!


    sissy jamieanne

  5. westfalen says:

    Such a creative application of dental hygiene tools……might just refer to it as cleaning poor b-b’s pipe!:)

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