More Pain, by Accident

There is an issue of a little complexity about dealing with pain caused to your sub by accident, or by your clumsiness while dominating.

Firstly, I believe that subs want to have the image of their Domme as living breathing perfection in every way. Therefore if you accidently hurt your sub or hurt them through your clumsiness, you are not perfect and that is a bad for your image. A good example is whip wraparound.

To give an example of whip wraparound (WW). bitch-boy is tied face down over the dining table and I am whipping him with my dressage whip which is very long and very thin. It is ‘whippy’. My intention is to land the whip evenly across both buttocks causing very significant pain. bitch-boy knows that is my intention. He knows me. However I clumsily allow the whip to overhang the target which means – after initial impact with the buttocks, the free end of the whip continues to travel at much greater speed, wraps around and strikes bitch-boy’s hip. The additional speed means the pain is agonising. (The additional speed is a matter of geometry and physics). Now, as bitch-boy knows that I did not mean that to happen, my image of control and perfection is dented. Not a good thing.

So I do try to avoid accidents and clumsiness. There is very little that is erotic about accidently poking your sub in the eye with your cane tip!

HOWEVER, these things will happen. When they do I have simple solution. I say the following to bitch-boy.

‘It is unfortunate that just happened bitch-boy. We both know that I did not intend it to. But it’s an inevitability that these things will happen from time to time isn’t it. It’s just one of those things. So it’s just something else for you to endure as my slave isn’t it. The occasional mishaps that cause you to suffer in ways I did not intend.’ He gives me a look of desolate acquiescence. He knows I am right and he knows I never feel sorry for him no matter how his suffering at my hands has been produced. He is in awe. He feels utterly helpless. His submissive core remains at peace.

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5 Responses to More Pain, by Accident

  1. robaylesbury says:

    I really like this post. It perfectly illustrates the important distinction between wishing to cause pain but not wishing to cause harm. Perfect.

  2. Eddie Sargeant says:

    I think that most slaves know that a Dressage Whip has a flick end that will curl around the thigh when it is applied squarely on the buttocks, so I wouldn’t say it is accidental, it is just the way the whip works.

    • I fear you look at the world solely from your position of knowledge and experience and fail to be aware of the wide spectrum of the knowledge and experience of others. Firstly, many subs would not know what a dressage whip looks like. Secondly, I have removed the string from the end of mine. (It still remains long, thin and whippy). Thirdly if I did not intend for there to be any wraparound, and there was wraparound, that would be an accident whether it has a string at the end or not. There would have been an accidental, unintended result. You seem to have missed the point of the post.

  3. sissyjamieanne says:

    Thank You for sharing this, Mistress Scarlet! What “moved” me the most was Your remark, “He knows I am right and he knows I never feel sorry for him no matter how his suffering at my hands has been produced. He is in awe. He feels utterly helpless. His submissive core remains at peace.”

    This cruelty and willingness to inflict pain and suffering without remorse is what truly makes You amazing (among other things)! I have no doubt that bitchboy is in awe of You…I’m in awe of You and have never suffered under Your whip!

    In humble respect,

    sissy jamieanne

  4. John Wilmot says:

    This is useful advice, thank you. Something I learned in the vanilla world is that nobody else knows what you intend to do if you haven’t told them, so if you make a habit of concealing your intentions, your every move will seem deliberate.

    The 48 Laws Of Power is a very instructive book in this context if you haven’t come across it before.

    I very much enjoy doing apparently random things on a whim, and then telling my victim that she will find out when I’m ready why I have done thing XYZ (often no reason at all other than I felt like it, but I will decide how to make use of it later on).

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