Extreme Restraints

There is a good on-line shop for BDSM equipment called Extreme Restraints . I have just bought some birthday ‘presents’ for Play-toy from the site. BUT, if you are in the UK there is an issue. The site presents as a UK site and prices are in UK sterling, but when you place an order it seems the retailer is based in the USA. Two issues with this. Firstly, there is a customs charge to pay so my last set of purchase ended up around £15 more expensive than expected. Secondly, there is the risk of the people at customs opening up the package and if you worry about your good name and reputation in the vanilla world, this may concern you.



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4 Responses to Extreme Restraints

  1. I fell foul of this very site a while ago. I purchased a spring loaded gag and had to go to my local sorting office to collect it as I had to pay a customs charge on it. I couldn’t tell if the package had been opened but luckily the item was kind of nondescript enough for someone to realise it’s real purpose.

  2. Six says:

    As a US resident, I have run into the same problem when purchasing from EU sites.

    • Given you have never left a comment before, and your comment is of no help to anyone, I am assuming you either have a business interest in Extreme Restraints or are very, very defensive about the United States?

      If you actually do know of EU BDSM companies who advertise their products in US dollars and dishonestly purport to be based in the US, then name them and I will post about them to help all my US followers.

  3. John Wilmot says:

    Thanks for the tip. I was about to buy some toys for my new pet, as I had assumed they were UK-based. I shall look elsewhere.

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