Public Blindfolded Helplessness

I have a pair of sunglasses which have thick brown paper glued to the insides of both lenses. The wearer of the sunglasses is blind when wearing them, but to anyone looking at the wearer it appears they are simply wearing sunglasses. The potential is great! I have Play-toy wear them whenever I am driving her in my car. She gets so anxious when I tell her to lift her dress hem and play with herself. Not knowing who might be watching. Very amusing. And she never knows where I am taking her on any drive. If I pull over for some reason, she immediately gets very scared, even if I have left the engine running.

Well, I have seen these contact lenses on Tumblr. How fantastic would it be to have your slave blinded for as long as you want, in public places, by contact lenses. Much harder to remove than a pair of sunglasses!


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9 Responses to Public Blindfolded Helplessness

  1. sissyjamieanne says:

    Very clever indeed, Ma’am…Your slave would be so reliant on You for even the smallest “mercies”…as it should be!

  2. ninelima says:

    I found this site selling black (and soon white) opaque lenses:

    Apparently they live in London, and the prices look reasonable. I know nothing about them, I just found them from an internet search. Most other firms offering these lenses seem to be in the US.

    Hope you find this of some use.

    Absolutely love your blog – Thank You

    • Thank you, interesting. I guess I am a bit worried about the medical standard of the lenses.

      • John Wilmot says:

        I wouldn’t go with the lenses personally, because I have seen some horrendous eye problems caused by ‘novelty’ lenses. I’ve just ordered some sunglasses and brown paper from Amazon though, and my pet has just incurred my displeasure, so I am greatly looking forward to using these.

  3. locked120 says:

    Very very interesting …
    Best regards,

  4. mddiane says:

    Never tried this. Not a bad idea.

  5. John WIlmot says:

    The sunglasses idea is absolutely brilliant. Thank you, I am going to use this.

  6. scarlet17908 says:

    That’s a great idea. i am going to show this post to my Mistress. That will give Her more ways to humiliate me.

  7. westfalen says:

    Interesting for public control and while driving as you noted.

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