More demeaning names for bitch-boy

Continuing from Saturday’s post, the subsequent comment from BootGimp reminded me of three names I used to use for bitch-boy but had forgotten all about. I will start using them again.

Cum Bucket, Cum Dumpster and Cum Stain. The first two have always been appropriate because he is made to consume his own semen from time to time, particularly, consuming semen/water ice chunks when in TSD bondage.  And there is always the vague threat that it will be other males’ semen one day. The third name, Cum Stain, now works very well as Governess Lexi, has a few times, after she and I have been in bed lovemaking and she has spent ages licking me, had bitch-boy lean over and lick, for a while, the ‘wet patch’ we have made. While he does so, she tells him it’s the closest he will ever get to enjoying intimate sex with his beautiful wife.

So my list now is:

Cum-bucket, Cum-dumpster, Cum-stain, Bitch, Sissy, Pansy, Sissy-boy, Pansy boy, Pansy-piece, Nancy-boy, Nancy, Slut, Prissy, Prissy sissy, Sissykins, Prissykins, Good little girl, Naughty little girl, Born again virgin, Object, Creature, Maggot, Worm, It, Human doll, Mistress’s little helper, Governess’s little helper, Teeny-dick, Cucky.

Obviously a number of those above can be enhanced by putting one of the following words in front. MINCING, LITTLE, SISSY, PATHETIC, USELESS.


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7 Responses to More demeaning names for bitch-boy

  1. sara elise says:

    i just want to say, You have a really complete list here already! i couldn’t add anything 🙂 sara

  2. Thing says:

    Just found Your wonderful blog Mistress Scarlet – it’s fantastic! My Mistress calls me “thing”. She considered names like “Fido” or “spot”, but decided that to give me a dog’s or pet’s name would be too honorable, as I am certainly lower than any animal. Similarly, other names like “pig”, “monkey”, “cockroach”, and “maggot” were also ruled out on the grounds that they were to good for me – calling me one of these names would only insult the animal or insect.

    She wanted to emphasize to me that I am the lowest of the low, and therefore settled on “thing” – not human, not animal, but just a sub-human, sub-animal object with no meaningful identity or worth.

    • I love that “cockroach”, and “maggot” were ruled out on the grounds that they were to good for you – calling you one of those names would only insult the insect. Your Mistress is wonderful. I will publish a blog post on your comment.

  3. If i may, Miss Scarlet, my ex-wife called me princess baby dick and honey buns (because my face always looked like a glazed donut). During cosplay and some CFNM parties I was called Fairy Clitoria Pistil.

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