Journal Price Slashed

5 stars - Copy

It is over 6 years since I published my very first Journal so, given I am about to publish the 11th, it is lovely to still be getting the odd review like the one above on my very first Journal. And of course very rewarding to be thought of, by a few people, as the best writer there is of this genre.

 I have just slashed the purchase price of Volume 1 on Kindle and LULU (ePub) for a limited period, just out of interest really.


Kindle UK   Kindle US    Kindle FR   Kindle DE   Kindle IT   Kindle ES  Kindle CA  EPUB


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One Response to Journal Price Slashed

  1. Sweep says:

    For a sadist, your kindness knows no bounds, Ms Scarlet.
    I am in the lucky position of having started in the middle of your journals, so am now very much enjoying volume 1. Thank you!

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