CFNM, T and D, and sheer clothing

I talk often about the power-pleasure of CFNM. Clothed Female Naked Male. Particularly, the Domme dressed in clothes she would wear to an office or wedding or even relatively sexy clothes to relax in, such as tight T-shirt, leggings and Ugg boot slippers. AND the male is naked. Add one or more additional females to the situation and the vulnerability and shaming of the male ratchets up 1000%. Replace his nakedness with partial nakedness using little girl, or sissy maid clothing with a dress coming down only to his hips, frill topped ankle socks and his shaved, naked genitalia remaining on full display – and the shaming of the male ratchets up another 1000%. I normally write that part of this scenario is that the Domme does not wear fetish clothing. She is making it clear that she is not needing to dress up to titillate the male slave in anyway. She wears what she feels 100% comfortable wearing to exacerbate the male’s discomfort. It is all about her pleasure.

However, I have one deviation from this dress code, providing the slave is kept mainly sexually denied. SHEER CLOTHING. That fabric that is used for making hosiery which may be deemed a fetish fabric.

I love T&D. (Tease and Denial). My dressing gown is sheer and bitch-boy suffers heightened sexual frustration every morning as I wander around naked but for a black sheer dressing gown and six inch heeled black, platform mules. I also, during CFNM type scenarios, have a white sheer blouse which I occasionally wear without a bra and with a tight pencil skirt and high heels. This woman has an almost identical body and dressing gown to mine but my waist is a lot smaller and my breasts a little smaller, and I do not wear anything under my dressing gown!

sheer 007 - Copy

I do think sheer clothing is the ultimate tease providing the clothing is classy. You can simultaneously give an outward appearance of being fully clothed (CFNM) but be giving ultra- sexy glimpses of your body at the same time. (T&D)

8 thoughts on “CFNM, T and D, and sheer clothing

  1. Oh Ma’am! I’m sure seeing You moving around the house in Your sheer dressing gown is indeed “sheer” torment for poor bitchboy! As Your readers all know, his orgasms are a rare and controlled (by You) event, whilst Yours are as frequent as You desire…so I’m sure the teasing and denial is certainly excruciating! Thank You for sharing this sweet little insight into Your world, Ma’am…

    Most humbly,

    sissy jamieanne

  2. Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    If i may, have You ever wondered what it would like to see how far bb could be made to serve someone who is not conventionally attractive at all?

    Serving a ‘hot’ Mistress is certainly more motivating and perhaps easier…

    i have often mentioned to my Mistress that she could test true submissiveness by allowing a room full of ladies who are less than half as attractive as She is to use me as their slave for an allotted time.

    It may also make a slave even more appreciative of the beauty of their own Mistress?


    1. I would have no problem at all having bitch-boy abused by less attractive women. I would like that. I have yet to have one contact me though to come and join me in abusing him.

  3. I’m a big CFNM fan. It really has been some time since I’ve seen my wife fully nude, and it’s arousing yet maddening at the same time. She does not wear sexy clothes that often. But one of the most intense times I’ve had with CFNM was when we found ourselves with a few hours alone in our hotel room. She was fully, and I mean fully dressed – could not even see her cleavage much. Jeans, T-shirt, boots – did not remove any of her clothing. I got fully nude and she gave me a handjob to orgasm. It was an intense experience, I felt so vulnerable. I have fantasized about a similar scenario but in a semi-public situation, like in our backyard. Someday!

  4. I love the scenario in which Dominant Women choose to dress in pretty, Easter Sunday dresses. The sissy wears a dress that he had to sew himself. Knowing what pleases his Misstress, the hemline drapes just below his navel which sways wildly thanks to the ruffled vent, too long for such a short dress. Add a pair of knee highs and Mary Jane’s.

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