Naming a slave

I received an evocative comment from ‘Thing’ about his Mistress choosing a name for him. The element of the comment that sparked my imagination was that Thing’s wonderful Mistress ruled out the names “cockroach”, and “maggot” on the grounds that they were too good for the slave – calling him one of those names would only insult the insect. So demeaning and perfect. I imagined him kneeling on the floor and his Mistress running through potential names and raising maggot and cockroach which surely would be appalling for any slave. And while he was miserably contemplating a life being called maggot or cockroach, Mistress rams home his lowly status by announcing to him that maggot or cockroach would be insulting to maggots and cockroaches – and so, too good for him. Just how low would he feel! His Mistress decided upon ‘Thing’. Quite delightful.

It reminds me that I really like it when a slave is referred to without a gender – ‘it’. The problem I have found is that, when there is just you and your slave together, you cannot use ‘it’. You cannot say – ‘Make me a cup of coffee, it.’ This just does not work. It is wonderful however if you have a guest or two present though, and you can talk about ‘it’, in front of ‘it’.

‘Has it been behaving itself?‘I think it needs a deterrent punishment.‘ ‘Shall we have it play with its dollies for a few hours.‘ (The amazing Mistress Justine who visited me always referred to her slave as ‘it’, at a subconscious level, no conscious thought required on her part. It was affecting.) It is ideal for a sissy who is not allowed to have sex to be treated as though it has no gender, (and perhaps is not even human – just an object – a toy), by referring to the sissy as ‘it’. If only there was a way of incorporating the term into speech when it is just you and your slave.

I begin to ramble but this also reminds of a story in an old edition of Madame magazine, many years ago. The male in the story was an 18 year old young man and toy of his stepmother and two older step sisters. He was kept 24/7 in little girl sissy outfits, always lisped and was being trained to never have an erection and he would never have sex in his life. Remaining a virgin. His little penis was always on display laying limply in a mass of surrounding frills. His name was Alexis. When he was spoken about by the mother and daughters, he was always referred to as ‘it’. He had to explain to visitors that his name was ‘Sexless Alexis’ and he had to explain why. His step-sisters would tease him by talking to him using his name, ‘Sexless Alexis’. What could be more perfect!




10 thoughts on “Naming a slave

  1. Thank You for this very “thought provoking” post, Ma’am. As a slave, I know I would find it deeply humiliating to be told that I am not good enough to be called “maggot” or “cockroach”, as we all know those are indeed very lowly creatures! And as a “sexless sissy” myself, I certainly can see where being referred to as “it” is quite appropriate, of course whatever Mistress deems is appropriate!

    In humble respect,

    sissy jamieanne

  2. If there are any Dommes reading this, I’m severin37 on fet and I would love to meet a woman who wants to push boundaries and experience a new adventure with a genuine submissive man.

  3. Thank you for an extremely well written blog and for letting us into your life as a Dom. May I ask where I can find the letter about “Sexless-Alexis”?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. ‘Sexless Alexis’, perfect! Being spoken of as ‘it’ is very demeaning, but slightly better than never being spoken of at all.

  5. Nice little touches. Beginning with an anal thermometer, to the kindergarten teacher zipping me up in front of girls. All the way to high school teachers having their way with corporeal punishment. Mrs. Annis got that through to me. Checked to see if i was in panties.

  6. I have been referred to as it, so embarrassing when it is done in front of waitress or friends. Also being called over to someone like they were calling for their dog. I finally got brave enough to ask mommy why she did that. She did not understand what I was talking about and she told me to try to make some since when I talked for now on. Something about that day and age that most woman were dominant to the children. Today kids are like best friends to the parent. Not judging because I am not smart enough for that, but it was much different in those days.

  7. May it please Mistress Scarlet………………

    Without question, a slave is a “thing,” and the appropriate pronoun is “it”. The comment that calling a slave “cockroach” insults the insect is quite perceptive. One might wish to call Her slave “cock,” or perhaps “prick,” as a reminder that its proudest part is totally useless except as a place to be whipped for the greatest imaginable pain … as it may please Mistress to desire.

    One Mistress, feeling a name was more than a mere slave deserves, simply taught it to come at the click of Her fingers and to obey the tersest of verbal commands only when a hand-sign, or perhaps a kick, would not do (kicking the slave might signal “toll over” or “lick My boot” and if the slave interpreted Mistress’s intent incorrectly, Her whip would have a field day). In short, the opportunities for a slave to be punished can be a frequent as it pleases Mistress to make them, and so too the lessons in humiliation and submission.

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