Cruel Bells

It is delightful to have your sissy maid or sissy little girl suitably ornamented with tinkling bells. When they are walking or doing chores you know where they are. They are unable to silently disappear into the background in front of guests. Nursery rhymes with actions and shaming sissy dances are augmented with the tinkling of the shaming bells. I have experimented with bells in a variety of locations. bitch-boy has a pink leather collar with bells all around it, his summer little girl’s dress has bells sewn to the hem. He sometimes has to wear a bell tied to his frenum piercing ring  in his little penis. He has ankle and wrist adornments which are a mass of froth and frills and sport a number of bells.

I have learned about how to make bells most effective. I thought I should pass this information on. Bells to a hem and on a collar do not tinkle very often. A bell tied directly to a frenum piercing ring does not tinkle very often – but attach the bell to the frenum piercing ring dangling on a six inch length of pink ribbon and it tinkles much more often. Bells on ankle adornments tinkle constantly when the sissy is walking or dancing. Bells on wrist adornments tinkle when the sissy is dusting and polishing, and when doing a shameful little sissy dance.

I hope you find this helpful and I would be interested to know of locations to attach bells which I have not tried.

11 thoughts on “Cruel Bells

  1. Good Day Mistress Scarlet! Have you tried adding a bell from a ribbon attached to his butt plug? I can certainly imagine that might be humiliating, Ma’am!


    sissy jamieanne

  2. i have some Christmas panties with bells. i must say, they are really embarrassing to go out on a shopping chore in… have to move very *smoothly*! sara

  3. fluffy has had a ring fitted through his septum, with a tiny bell on it, which just brushes the rise of his upper lip. When he is busy scrubbing the floor with a brush between his teeth or licking boots clean, it tinkles constantly

    respect fluffy

  4. Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    Mistress loves the way you use bells. She instructed me to purchase pink ribbon and small bells. She had me cut a 30 inch piece of ribbon and tie a bell on each end of the ribbon. She tied the ribbon around the base of my cock and split my balls with them. She finished off the look with a bow tie at the top om cock.

    She loves listening to the bells ring as I work around her place naked. But, she wanted to give me incentive when the bells did not ring enough. So, she had me put a dog shock collar around the base of my cock. She can now read, watch TV or whatever she pleases while I work. When she is not satisfied that with the ringing of the bells, I am shocked at full strength. She loves the sounds I make when I am shocked, a combination of bells ringing and my yelps.


  5. yes Ms Scarlet – the gold ring is about 1 cm in diameter when worn – so either the lowest part of the ring or the bell brush the the topper lip

    makes fluffy feel like a piggy when worn


  6. Dear Ms Scarlet

    Have you considered a Ladies hat with a wide brim, thinking Ascot over the top type, but second-hand perhaps from one of your friends or relations or even a charity shop. Then have your slave sew bells from ribbons around the edge (sort of Aussie style with corks). I should imagine that would be particularly irritating when working, especially if held in place with tight elastic.

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