Spring Brings Cruelty

So spring is here in the UK which is wonderful for so many reasons although some of my reasons are rather niche! Two are:

zzz 0000000000000 sorazora_nettle

Stinging Nettles! I am afraid bitch-boy hates them as much as Governess Lexi and I love them. Governess Lexi just adores making his little clitty really hard, (the Cialis and his denial periods help here) and then using the pouch and then squeezing all around the leaf filled pouch while bitch-boy squeals and pleads and squeals and pleads. And the stinging of the nettles at their pre-flowering stage lasts 3 or 4 hours after the pouch is removed.

0481 copy

Then there is Rotary Clothes Line Duty. bitch-boy will be at that for an hour or two while I ‘play’ with my girlfriend in the conservatory, just occasionally looking up at his blind, pointless, shuffling in an endless repeated circle.

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11 Responses to Spring Brings Cruelty

  1. sara elise says:

    i just looked up the rotary line punishment…wow, how humiliating! 🙂 Hope Wife doesn’t find it!

  2. sissy4domme says:

    put nettles down my panties whilst my sissy clit was locked up, filled my bra as well, then rubbed my hands all over my panties and bra, was great feeling

  3. fluffy says:

    these are two of the best things i love hearing about that you get up to with BB – (along with the interdental brushes and any visit from Ms Sarah) they are everything that is fantastic and thrilling about femdom
    I hope BB knows how lucky he is – could we please possibly see a picture of just how many nettles get stuffed into the glasses pouch – I can’t believe it is just the one showing in the current picture?
    Have you ever considered having BB complete his Rotary Dryer duties on all fours, pulling the dryer around, blinkered or hooded by his balls?

    respect from

    • The treatments were as in my journals, very hot flannel, ruler, Deep Heat, interdental brush, clamps, etc. etc. etc.

      The current picture was after most of the nettles had been emptied out when it was all over and I paused to take a photo. Governess Lexi REALLY, REALLY likes using the nettle pouch! She fills it up with leaves, pulls it over his stiff little clitty, secures it with the drawstrings and then caresses it in a tight and moving grasp to ensure maximum contact with every cell of his clitty’s skin. She has zero pity for him and is a true sadist.

      If he was on al fours and blindfolded he would not have the close control needed to keep in in his tight and accurate circle.

  4. sissyjamieanne says:

    This entry caused me to smile Ma’am! Knowing all the fun You have with nettles and rotary clothesline duty…how could bb possibly not be looking forward to spring and all the joy it brings to his Owner/Goddess?!?!

  5. petevans69 says:

    I discovered the punishing ways of nettles many, many years ago. I think I have a love/hate relationship with nettles. It’s been a long time since they were last applied to me by a Mistress or a Dominant Lady. So more recently have been on a DIY basis.

    A woman I used to be in a relationship with loved using them on me. And on a number of occasions would pick a bunch of leaves and place strategically & carefully in my underpants before pulling them up, and then my trousers. We’d then go out to a café or similar. She’d just be smiling at my wincing face!

    She’d ask me casually ask “Are you ok”. I was obliged to answer “Yes Honey’.

    As an idea – there are various domestic implements that can be used for nettle torture. Two are a.) cleaner for venetian blinds – it’s basically a padded prong thing; b.) a fly scatter – just pull leaves stem first, it can then be used to ‘brush’ any sensitive area.

    All this talk about nettle torture has got me thinking – as I now have a load growing at the bottom of my garden.

    Mistress Scarlet I love Your blog.

    • I guess you mean pull leaves stem first through the holes in the fly swat.

      I have no idea though what you would do with a cleaner for venetian blinds, and nettles?

      • petevans69 says:

        Apologies Mistress Scarlet I should have been more clear, but yes You were exactly right about the fly swattter. With the venetian blind cleaner – in the open position the leaves are laid out over the padded prongs then they are closed. A photo would best demonstrate but doesn’t look like that I can post on here.

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