Two Nasty Nurses

Well Governess Lexi had a session as a Nurse Nasty with me, and bitch-boy as our helpless patient. The result is bitch-boy now has two nasty nurses to minister to his every medical need. Governess Lexi LOVES being a Nurse Nasty. Poor bitch-boy had a very tough time of it and really did not seem to appreciate all the ‘treatments’ he was subjected to. BUT, we all know Nurse Knows Best! Roughly speaking, 90% of the ‘treatments’ were directed at his shaved genitals, 5% at his nipples, 4% fluids into his mouth and 1% to his inner thighs.



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2 Responses to Two Nasty Nurses

  1. fluffy says:

    please pray tell what were the medical treatments and tonics BB needed?

    respect from

  2. sissyjamieanne says:

    BB is so fortunate to have two nasty nurses to see to his needs…and of course, nurse knows best what the sissy needs! I assume he thanks You both properly for the treatment You so generously provide?!?!

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