Account of a ‘full-on’ day!

My girlfriend visited yesterday. So before bitch-boy was cruelly double-dommed for 5 hours, he was put into TSD bondage for just over 6 hours while I ‘played’ with my girlfriend. There was a period when she too was in TSD bondage. I sat reading the paper and the feeling of power was overwhelming, my two addicted slaves  – helpless, blind, deaf, immobile, waiting and anxious. Anxious that freedom from the TSD might be hours away yet, anxious it might not be! and they would be suffering in another way.

When I did free bitch-boy, the 6 hours had taken their toll. He staggered a little and was very disoriented. I then went to bed and left him in the capable, heartless hands of his babysitter while I had a sleep for an hour and a half. He HATES being left in the hands of my young girlfriend which is very understandable. She despises him and holds him in contempt. I feel so powerful being able to pass him over to another to be abused. He had to perform nursery rhymes for her while she looked on with a patronising look and hardly a smile. Then she was ready for what she been waiting for and he was tied, naked face up in the walk-in shower and she pissed on him. Particularly, pissing on his face and making him say thank you at the same time so the piss enters his mouth and he chokes and splutters. She then used the dry hair on the top of his head to wipe her cunt and thighs. Then it was a quick cold shower for him followed by a mouth soaping because she may have ‘soiled’ his mouth and thought he would want a clean mouth. He chokes and gags and almost throws up but she has ZERO mercy with him. She LOVES abusing him.

She then tied him face down over the dining table and gave his arse a thrashing with various implements, just because she could! She then dressed him in his most sissy dress and added lots of make-up. He then had to shamefully play with his dollies while she read the paper until it was time for her to wake me.

Bitch-boy then suffered double-domming for three and a half hours – including his first taste of the nettle pouch this year. It has been MONTHS! My girlfriend loves using nettles on him and once the sunglasses pouch full of nettles is pulled down over his hard clitty and the drawstring pulled tight, she squeezes all around the pouch covered clitty – maximising the number of stings. Bitch-boy was gagged first because, as we predicted, his squealing was loud!

There is so much more I could report but I fear this post is already too long. I LOVE MY LIFE!


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7 Responses to Account of a ‘full-on’ day!

  1. fluffy says:

    so would love to hear the muffled squeals BB makes when the pouch full on nettles is squeezed!

  2. Sweep says:

    Ms Scarlet, your posts are never too long!

  3. sissyjamieanne says:

    Thank you Mistress Scarlet for sharing this wonderful day! I love Your life too!!! Poor bitchboy suffers greatly under Your rule, but I somehow think he wouldn’t trade his life for any other!

    In respect,

    sissy jamieanne

  4. tiffanymaid says:

    Such a report could never be too long Mistress.

  5. Thank you for all your posts, I always look forward to hearing about your exploits with BB, at times I even feel,sorry for him, i’m not sure I could manage his lifestyle.

  6. sara elise says:

    Giving bitch-boy over to a babysitter he hates and who abuses him is…hot.

  7. slave N says:

    Bitch-boy is lucky indeed to serve Two Cruel Superior Women, while the nettles are in his panties he should verbally accept Female Supremacy in today’s World.

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