Torture video goggles

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I saw, on the Brat Princess Tumblr site the use of video goggles in a DS session. This ignited my perverted imagination.

One problem I have with my BDSM bed with the gynaecological stirrups, is that when my victim is helplessly bound with legs secured wide apart, the victim is flat on his or her back. So bitch-boy gets to feel the pain of the ruler smacks or nettle pouch on his clitty, or the pegs being pulled from his scrotum, BUT he does not see this happening. How much better if he could see all the preparations and action, (or worse for him!), if he could see his clitty being made hard, see the pouch full of nettle leaves approaching and see it pulled over that stiff little clitty. And then while he squeals and whimpers with an amusing tone of panic, see a cruel, eager hand squeezing and moving all around and squeezing again and again to maximise the leaf to skin contact points.  I have no doubt this would deepen the victims suffering, and awe of his/her tormentor.

I have noticed that very well equipped dominatrix actually have a camera and flat screen combination to overcome this. I think the goggles are better than that. They ensure the slave is not distracted looking elsewhere.

I am assuming the goggles can be connected to a camcorder. I am thinking if I go ahead with a purchase of goggles, I will set the camcorder zoom to be able to take in the face of the tormenter as well as the genitals of the tormented. I think seeing the relaxed, merciless, sadistic bliss on the face of the tormentor as well as the activity of torture, will be ideal. I also know that would mean bitch-boy would see Governess Lexi and I passionately French kissing while, for instance, the pouch is on the clitty. As we always do.

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7 Responses to Torture video goggles

  1. Poor BB, is there no end to his suffering !!! I am sure he will find the googles bring yet another level to his your hands. But am sure as a true submissive he will take his punishment in the knowledge his mistress is enjoying the feeling of total power and control she has.

  2. Teddy the Wonder Lizard says:

    I wonder if there’s a strobe light app for them out there somewhere. Immobilised, flashing lights in the eyes, white noise in the ears, wishing ti would end but dreading what happens when it does. Delicious.

    • possiblylost says:

      I’d imagine that Scarlet would have a bit of a problem with the possibility of vomiting, headaches, seizures and other consequences of extended exposure to strobe effects..

  3. Rhoda says:

    thisgirl and Grimly have a slightly more complicated arrangement. There are several articles about VR on thisgirl’s website.

  4. Jack says:

    The possibilities with this are almost limitless! A split screen app with multiple cameras would be fun. One camera focused only on his clitty while another could capture you and Lexi engaged in all sorts of play. He could see you two engaged in a passionate kiss on one screen while the other screen would show your hand squeezing the nettle bag encasing his clitty. You would want a monitor TV mounted so you can see what he sees and adjust his view to your liking. Maybe he would only see his clitty and the ceiling, but be able to hear you and Lexi engaged in fun, you could show him Lexi pleasuring you as he lies bound and in pain.
    Or you with a computer app, you could stitch together movies scenes of what he is experiencing: a drowning man as you pour piss in his funnel gag, a man being whipped as you smack his clitty, fire or hell as you apply deep heat rub…….
    Another idea would be to video him dressed in his little girl outfit and playing with his dollies or performing, or a video of him on the rotary clothes line as you cane his ass as he walks by, maybe scenes of men having sex and orgasming over and over, something he will never do again. All of these could be stitched together in an endless loop for him to watch while in TSD. A visual reminder of his pathetic life as your slave……
    All kinds of fun for you and none for him!

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