Ideas for control and punishment

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Three things. —- First, above, a pic I love, and one that exactly represents exactly what occurs in my house from time to time. Although I only say what is at the top of the pic. What is at the bottom is just silent fact.

Second, – I read recently of key fob sized GPS trackers that can be slipped into the pocket of dementia sufferers so that they can be found if they get lost. The carers can log into a 3G signal on a smart phone which shows the tracker location on a map on the phone, and updates every 4 minutes. I have thought I might padlock one onto bitch-boys penis restraint and then imagine the control he would feel as I could monitor his location to within 3 metres wherever I was, 24/7/365. Delightful!

Third,  – Like me, you may have all the corners of all the rooms in your house blocked by furniture. So I cannot send bitch-boy to stand nose pressed to the corner after a punishment, or when he needs stowing away. (Or so I thought!) He normally has to stand nose to the wall which I don’t think is quite as good as a corner. Well I saw a Tumblr pic recently where a naughty slave had been sent to stand nose pressed to the corner, half way up the stairs, where the stairs turned at 90 degrees. So many of us do have a corner we did not know was empty! I may put bitch-boy (or Play-toy) in my new found corner this weekend. I will secure their wrists behind their back and the miscreant will have to use their nose to hold a pair of my soiled panties against  the junction of the walls, so it will be bondage as well as shaming and tedious.




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5 Responses to Ideas for control and punishment

  1. sissyjamieanne says:

    Good morning Ma’am! Your posts always make me smile…although I quite imagine they do not always have the same effect on bb! I think of how shaming it might be for bb to be stood naked (with a red bottom) in the corner on the stairs holding Your soiled panties to the wall with his nose. Corner time is such a juvenile punishment, and to have it administered by his significantly younger Wife/Superior…deeeeeeelightful!

    Thank You most humbly for sharing this…

    In respect,

    sissy jamieanne

  2. Cat says:

    Mmmm! i love Your location tracking idea. i wonder if bitch-boy should be required to memorise his exact location every 4 minutes, so that if you ask later and his recollection is 500m out he receives 5 punishments etc. That was he would never be able to stop concentrating on Your tasks!

  3. westfalen says:

    Corner nose bondage is such a great punishment for him and on the stairs, well that is maximizing one’s house space!

  4. mincemeat says:

    it reminds me the ending scene from the movie “Silence Of The Lambs”, when Dr. lecter says “im having an old friend for dinner” and then you see the old prison manager coming down from the plane.

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