Strict Hotel Room Control

I received the comment below from Chris M. It is fantastic! What a perfect Mistress she is. Her toy is very lucky. The comment is in response to my post about using a GPS tracker for when one is parted from one’s slave. (Of course, I would have bitch-boy in a gymslip rather than shorts!)

These items are so good, well worth the investment as their use ever so strongly reinforces the fact that the submissive is under a regime of total control. My boy travels a great deal in his work. I have always had systems in place to ensure this did not mean he was out of my control, though I have little doubt that on occasions in the pre-internet technology days, he would take a little liberty in reporting his whereabouts in a timely fashion; now there is no escape!

 Previously he was required to report to me, by phone, dressed in his full school uniform, within five minutes of entering his hotel room. Whilst I am certain he was mostly honest in his reporting, there was the opportunity to ‘steal’ a few minutes of relaxation, especially if he arrived earlier than expected. Now his regime is far stricter, and nights away even more gruelling. After all, I don’t want him thinking a business trip is an excuse to relax, watch a movie, or enjoy a nice restaurant meal, whilst avoiding chores at home!

 With his tracking device, I can see where he is at any time, so he dare not take a chance. For your interest, now he is required to SMS me as soon as he arrives at his hotel. He would deeply regret my having seen him arrive before the SMS came in! He is then allowed 25 minutes in which to check-in, get up to his room, prepare same for the evening ahead, and dress in his full school uniform. Believe me, this means he has to move quickly, and he certainly won’t be discussing a room change if he is not happy with his allocated room.

 Once in his room, he is required to lock the door, close all curtains, cover all clocks, connect his iPad to the internet, and position it so I can see him seated at his desk, with a complete view of his posture. He then dresses in his school uniform, blazer, long sleeve white shirt, school tie, grey shorts, long grey socks with ribs perfectly straight and polished black, lace up shoes. He then gets out his writing pad, chosen text book for the week, ruler, and pens (blue, black and red). These are all positioned precisely on the desk. With everything in place, he then Skype video’s me. He knows the importance of everything being presented properly, as I will be inspecting him through the video feed.
After inspection and adjustment of the video feed, he is given his work for the evening. The text books I choose from vary, typical examples are the KJV Bible, Gray’s Anatomy, Virgil (in Latin), or a similarly dry text. He is then allocated his passage for the night. This is usually anything from 30 to 150 words in length. He is then curtly advised to start writing.

 He never knows when I might check in to watch. I therefore effectively have total supervisory control. He must write continuously, no pauses allowed; he must sit up straight with feet flat on the floor, no resting his chin on his hand or similar postural relaxations; no unauthorised visits to the toilet; no music – just his silent hotel room and his disciplinary lines. Note this is not a punishment, just my way of helping him to avoid the boredom of a lonely hotel room!

 I will arrange delivery of a suitable room service meal, usually boiled vegetables, which will be allowed to go cold before he gets to eat them. I will also advise when he may take a quick toilet break. Other than that he just sits and writes and, this is important, at this stage he does not know how many lines he is required to write.

 I usually require him to write continuously until about eleven o’clock, perhaps later, it all depends on my schedule, but he is potentially constantly supervised via the video feed. I will have set a target number of lines to be written, based upon his projected time of arrival. This target will have been realistically set for the time available, after all this is not a punishment. If he has arrived on time he should achieve his target; however, if his flight was late, or the taxi delayed by traffic, he may well struggle to reach the target. That is of no concern to me of course; he can write a complaint to the airline, or tell the taxi driver off, but if he has not reached his target, he will pay the penalty!

 If he has arrived early, to keep him on edge, I usually increase the quota, but not dramatically.

 The reason for all this is to ensure he is fully occupied, writing quickly and diligently all evening. He has no idea of the time and must simply keep writing. If he knew his quota, he might stop early, or at the very least, slow down once it was achieved; this way he is never sure.

 There is also a further dilemma for him. Let’s say his quota was one hundred lines, and he has written one hundred and ten. Well since he has reached his quota, he can prepare himself for bed… unless he has earned a punishment! If for example I noted a posture lapse at any stage, well, that means a punishment, but his punishment allocation is only set now…. Those extra lines he wrote earlier, well of course they do not count towards his punishment lines.

 Of course, if he has not reached his quota, he will be punished now for his laziness. He will have to continue writing until he reaches the quota originally set, but he will also be allocated additional punishment lines, typically enough to keep him writing for at least another two hours. So if he had been an hour or even more late to his room, he might have three or more hours of lines still to write! On occasions this has meant him having to write until three, four, even five in the morning; though if he has an early start, I may defray some of the lines to another evening. Of course in return for my moderation in such circumstances, he does get a ‘loading’ of extra lines when they are defrayed to another night.

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6 Responses to Strict Hotel Room Control

  1. sissyjamieanne says:

    Oh! Miss Chris is certainly a strict Lady! There is no relaxation or enjoyment of hotel amenities for Her boy…and Her electronic leash keeps him well in line! I quite imagine he dreads business travel! Thank You for sharing this wonderful post, Ma’am…and thank You Miss Chris for sharing Your creative method of keeping Your boy in line when he travels!

    Most submissively,

    sissy jamieanne

  2. fluffy says:

    i do travel a lot, so I wonder how Chris M deals with her boy’s chastity through airports and the like?
    shame she doesn’t have him clean the hotel room too or explain how he deals with the room service dressed in his uniform?!

    respect fluffy

    • Well I have a system that deals with that. A polycarbonate chastity device fixed in place through an acrylic piercing ring (Glued shut) and a plastic uniquely numbered plastic security padlock. No metal parts.

    • Christine says:

      I have no idea how he deals with room service in his uniform. Nor do I care!

  3. necturion says:

    Wow, that’s impressive. But if he is travelling for business reasons isn’t it a bit too risky to not let him sleep enough? How can he perform when he is tired because he spend the night writing lines?

    • There is a lot of research to show people can perform well when tired after only one night of insufficient sleep. As I understand it, performance is linked more to what you believe you are capable of in these circumstances than how much sleep you have had. It is different to long term sleep shortage.

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