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Chastity for Females

OK, I have always wondered this. The full-on chastity devices for females, do they prevent access to stimulate the clitoris, or do they only stop vaginal penetration?

I would be very grateful to know the answer. I have to say I am very doubtful they do.

Even a finger cannot be squeezed in, could a cliteral orgasm be produced by using a powerful massager/vibrator on the outside of the belt, over the area of the clitoris?




Domination Manual – decisions

Given the comments I have received, I have decided to write a manual. I received one suggestion which was on a topic I continue to struggle with. Should there be two manuals – one for beginners and one for the experienced. Otherwise, if a single manual is for both beginners and those with experience, will ‘extreme’ sections of it scare the beginners away from domination, and sections for beginners bore the experienced?

Well although two manuals sounds like a great idea in theory, I have tried it and I have found it does not work in practice. For two reasons:

Firstly, activities from the mild to the ‘extreme’ run on a spectrum At what point on this spectrum can one draw a line and say everything to the left is for beginners and everything on the right is for the experienced. Clearly there is no obvious or practical demarcation line on this spectrum.

Secondly, I have met a few ‘beginners’ with very bold personalities and a voracious hunger for life experiences. A bit like extreme sports addicts but there focus comes to BDSM. These type of people can count as beginners but quickly need to move to more ‘extreme’ activities.

So, I am working on how to structure or sign post my single manual so that ‘extreme’ sections of it will not scare the beginners away from domination, and sections for beginners can be skipped  by the experienced, so as not to bore them.

On a related topic, I would be grateful for additions to my list of fetish items/objects. Wool, leather, high heeled shoes or boots, flat heeled shoes or boots, a pony tail,  hair tied back, tight clothing, long finger nails, bare feet, shaved genitalia, heavy make-up or lipstick, anklets, body chains, corsets, balloons, fur, satin.


Wool Fetish Site, and other teasing clothing

There are so many fetishes and I find all of them either interesting or amazing. While I would not go as far as to say bitch-boy has a wool fetish; in fact I say he has not. He is however affected by a very good female  body wearing a tight angora/mohair type sweater. Especially a cropped one which reveals a taught firm stomach.

For those that have a strong wool fetish, I have come across a Tumblr site dedicated to the fetish. For those who are interested, enjoy!

tumblr_nz5wc1fsqh1sf0rrro1_1280 copy - Copy tumblr_o2kv5ugNWl1rmbxxbo1_500 copy - Copy

I would love to own a few sweaters just like the ones in the images above – long sleeved, and roll necked – perhaps a bit tighter and much fluffier, but I cannot source such an item here in the UK which is such a shame. I had one once but it got ruined and I have not been able to replace it. It is often cold in the UK and the long sleeves and high neck would keep me warm while showing off my flat athletic stomach. It would be lovely to have poor bitch-boy on his knees in front of me, having been denied relief for a couple of weeks or more, his cock in a spiked restraint tube – and allow him to run his hands across the soft wool, over my bra-less B-cup breasts, down across my flat stomach and back up again, and again. He would not have the will power to stop himself until I told him to. He would whimper and (pointlessly) beg and beg and I would chuckle and get very turned on at his suffering and my complete power and bitchiness. His well trained tongue would soon be required!


Domination Guidance Manual

I am thinking of writing a guidance manual on Domination. I have had a number of requests to do so. It would be a guide for the beginner couple and also for those who want to go to the 24/7/365 extremes.

I would like to write the this manual, because, if you read this blog, you know a huge number of innately submissive people exist who need to be dominated to feel truly, deeply content. I wish to contribute to bringing them that contentment and bringing contentment to the dominant who dominates them too. Through interactions, face to face, and through my blog and social media, I have learned that these innately submissive people discover their submissiveness before puberty and it is likely to be mostly genetic and perhaps sometimes a little through upbringing too – but mostly it is how they were born. So this manual would seek to assist in creating symbiotic relationships of innate submissives and dominants – both parties deeply content. This manual would work for male and female dominants and it won’t matter whether they have male or female submissives. Every possible combination should get a lot from this manual I am thinking of writing.

I believe almost anyone can be a dominant. I also believe as I have written before, shocking as it might be, that anyone can be a sadist, taking pleasure from inflicting physical and/or mental pain on another.

There is a point I have made before but must reiterate: There will be people who cry out on reading what is written so far that I am simply proposing the selfish exploitation of submissives’ nature for dominant’s own perverse pleasure and that submissives should be helped to lose their submissiveness. To those that say this I say, SHAME ON YOU! You are no different to someone who thinks gay people can be ‘cured’ of being gay. Innate submissives cannot be cured, they do not want to be cured. They want to be dominated and thereby be content. I believe in 50 years time submissives, like gay people now, will have a right not to be discriminated against because of their sexuality and lifestyle.

The manual would also include a few passages similar to how my journals are written. Detailed Descriptions of scenarios. Do any of my blog followers have suggestions for what should be included that I may not have thought about.


What I like seems popular

My Tumblr site now has over 9,000 followers. It seems that what I like is popular. It would be so good if Femdom video and image producers were to adopt more of my preferences. (Better for me and my followers anyway.) I have had some very generous comments including:

……..your blog and tumblr do an excellent job of showcasing the reality of the lifestyle, which is much more exciting than any of the “fanciful material” out there. Your curation on your tumblr  site is fantastic.

Ms Scarlet- i just want to stop by to again thank You for your wonderful Tumblr posts. Wow!:)

So just in case any Femdom video and image producers are reading this let me reiterate that there is a huge market out there for real life domestic tyranny. No warehouses or dungeons or abandoned buildings. # No PVC or rubber or uncomfortable leather. # More clothes than just underwear for the women, if that is what would be normal in the scenario.

One male only.# Show the face of the Mistress while the slave is being abused. i.e. When he is licking mud from her boots, when he is suffering electric shocks, when he is being caned, etc. etc. # Lots of partial ignoring of the male. # The male looking very miserable and unhappy.# The male having an average body and cock, not a body builder or a cock he’s proud of. # Women of all ages. # Men in chastity devices. # Men dressed as maids, or little girls or school girls WHO HATE being dressed like that! (not transvestites or cross-dressing sissies who love being dressed like that!)

I could go on but I think I have covered the key things.

Hedonistic Cruelty – new things

Another weekend begins for me of pure hedonistic cruelty. Lexi is over and she will have a tough time to endure for six hours while bitch-boy is in sensory deprivation bondage. Then he will be released, Lexi will transform into her Governess role and, together, we will abuse and cuckold bitch-boy until Lexi leaves Sunday lunchtime.

I have bought the video goggles and they work quite well – connected to a camcorder on a tripod. So Lexi will get to see the full detail of my face, and her genitals, as I play and abuse, while she is strapped on her back with her legs secured wide apart in the gynaecological stirrups.

bitch-boy will see the same when it is his turn. although it will be the faces of both his abusers, including when Lexi and I French kiss passionately while he sobs because of the nettles pouch that has been drawn over his stiff little clitty. I will be overloaded with endorphins all weekend, yet again!

Lexi (Play-toy) will be spending a lot of time outdoors as the forecast is for wonderful weather. She will get to experience cleaning the patio with a small brush, on her hands and knees, while I sit in my hot pants and read the paper. A new delight for her to experience.

029 - Copy


Facebook welcomes Dommes

Well, thank you to Pedro Sfh and especially Cathbert Bellman for the welcome words on my new Facebook presence, as follows:

Ms. Scarlet is the best Dominant Female on this earth !!!! I have read Your blog and books…simply amazing what You do to your poor, but happy, bitch-boy. Pedro Sfh 

Today the most extraordinary and fabulous 24/7 dominatrix joined Facebook. Scarlet Gynocrat‘s blog is simply mindblowing. Read it at       Cathbert Bellman