Facebook presence

So I have created a Facebook presence under the name Scarlet Gynocrat. What, dear followers, would you like me to post on it?

I have also created a Facebook page. Mistress Scarlet (Blogger)

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5 Responses to Facebook presence

  1. Andy says:

    Very attractive picture.
    Very assertive.
    On your new Facebook page.
    Thank you.

  2. sillymaid says:


    Liked and friend request sent…. Curtsy

    As to content, anything that you like…share other Facebook statuses etc

    Also do dig in mine another Facebook pages to repost on yours…. Lots of stuff out there!



  3. Cat says:

    I think your Facebook Page could be linked to this blog so excerpts of each articule are published there automatically, bringing facebook followers on to your website.

    Your Facebook Page could also include little vignettes You choose to share day to day. And photos too perhaps.

    I think the network You will build with friends from your facebook profile is a perfect new outlet for humiliating bitch boy online as well as in real life. You can collect all sorts of ideas, perhaps even let the readers decide his activities one day!

    Good luck with your new foray in to Facebook!

  4. bimbo says:


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