Hedonistic Cruelty – new things

Another weekend begins for me of pure hedonistic cruelty. Lexi is over and she will have a tough time to endure for six hours while bitch-boy is in sensory deprivation bondage. Then he will be released, Lexi will transform into her Governess role and, together, we will abuse and cuckold bitch-boy until Lexi leaves Sunday lunchtime.

I have bought the video goggles and they work quite well – connected to a camcorder on a tripod. So Lexi will get to see the full detail of my face, and her genitals, as I play and abuse, while she is strapped on her back with her legs secured wide apart in the gynaecological stirrups.

bitch-boy will see the same when it is his turn. although it will be the faces of both his abusers, including when Lexi and I French kiss passionately while he sobs because of the nettles pouch that has been drawn over his stiff little clitty. I will be overloaded with endorphins all weekend, yet again!

Lexi (Play-toy) will be spending a lot of time outdoors as the forecast is for wonderful weather. She will get to experience cleaning the patio with a small brush, on her hands and knees, while I sit in my hot pants and read the paper. A new delight for her to experience.

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9 Responses to Hedonistic Cruelty – new things

  1. sara elise says:

    Mmmm, sounds like a delightful day 🙂 sara

  2. bootgimp says:

    Greetings Mistress Scarlet and thank you so much for the continued blogging which makes all our lives that much better.

    I have 3 reasons for this comment. Firstly is regarding an amazing picture in your Tumblr page. It is of a Mistress standing over a slave who is locked underneath some outside decking. You may already be aware but that is Mistress Miranda and there is a video clip available of that scene on YouTube. The slave is her owned and collared slave who is genuinely claustrophobic. This is clear from the pitiful and genuine sobs and whimpers that come from the cell as she threatens him with an over night stay. I am confident that the most Superior and Cruel Mistress Scarlet would love to see and more importantly hear this clip. I am sorry if You are already aware and have seen the clip which is entitled ‘know your vowels’.

    Secondly is to tell you of a little phrase that has come into my relationship with my Mistress. She has taken to giving me a mundane task and will say as casually as possible ‘continue until further notice’. Now over a few months I have grown to dread this phrase because it has basically come to be a code for ‘you will be doing this for a ridiculously long time’. This came about when I was given the task of licking a show sole clean and I took it upon myself to disturb Mistress after around 5 minutes to show her the clean sole. I was met with a complete dressing down for disturbing Mistress when there was no order to report back to her. I was then taught the meaning of ‘until further notice’ by being put to scrub the kitchen floor tiles with a toothbrush. Mistress specified one particular tile to scrub and told me to scrub until further notice. I was left to scrub one tile for over an hour. A few days later I was put to write lines. Usually I am given a number of pages. This time it was ‘until further notice’. I wrote for 2 hours. More tasks followed over some weeks until it was clear to both of us that I know dread this little phrase. As soon as Mistress realised my fear of these words Her delivery of them changed. Her tone has become more patronising, Her facial expression more pleased. The Cruel glint in her Eye more prominent. She will raise my chin with her finger and make sure I look Her in the eye as she slowly hammers home 3 nails. Until Further Notice. She then carries on about her business as I face up to doing a very very boring and or difficult task for an undefined but very long time.

    The third reason is kind of an observation combined with possibly a suggestion. Of course this suggestion may be of no interest at all. It is also based on some assumptions that I may be wrong with. I am in total agreement with You Mistress Scarlet with the thinking of a smartly dressed woman is more dominant that a traditionally leather clad dominatrix. Over the years I have moved away from loving the leather thigh high boots to being more obsessed with the quality leather flat boots. The same applies to ballet flats. There is nothing submissive about licking fetish boots that never leave the bedroom. Give me a well worn everyday pair of flats any day. Licking sweat out of ballet pumps and dirt off the sole is the very basis of my submission. That said, my submission and fetish grew as a young boy where any sighting of domination came from pictures of scandal in the Sunday papers and watching late night tv programmes alone in bed. So while the developed submissive in me is now more in tune to power itself rather than the outfit I am still very much a fan of the traditional look. I am also lucky enough to have my Mistress dress in a more fantasy fashion as a rare treat for me occasionally. my Mistress is also agrees that smart dressing has more power over me. But She as always fed back that she enjoys the occasional dress up as the dominatrix and the ‘role play’ that comes with it.

    Now I know that Your life with bb is totally different to mine. But I got to wondering does bb fantasise about the traditional dominatrix look? I’m assuming that he would have seen the same pictures and tv programmes as me long before the internet took over life. of course I also agree that You shouldn’t have to dress in uncomfortable clothing to stimulate bb’s fantasies. However I thought about play-toy and would she like to see you in full dominatrix attire. Then I thought of the cruelty of bb helping you to dress as a full blown traditional dominatrix and then being put in TSD while you have some ‘role play’ fun and games with play toy. I pause here to note that I know there is nothing ‘role play’ about your life, more that maybe you could have fun and games ‘with’ play-toy rather than totally at her expense as you do with bb. I hope you understand what I mean by this third point Mistress. Of course it may be that bb has no fantasy about the dominatrix look and of course you may have zero interest in the look or even that you have decided he will never see you dressed that way. I just wanted to share a little of my submissive mind.

    • Thank you for your long, detailed and fascinating comment. I love the ‘.. until further notice…’ protocol.

      I had not seen the video. Thank you for identifying it for me.

      Neither bitch-boy nor Play-toy have a dominatrix role fetish. I think because they are both deeply, true submissives. The more ‘normal’ and ‘real’ is their helplessness to my power and cruelty, the more affected they are. PVC, rubber and uncomfortable leather actually reduce the feeling of their helpless situation being real. As it is real, it would be counter productive to degrade that fact. I did like to wear a shiny very tight PVC cat suit in the old days which clung to my body like a second skin. But things have moved on.

  3. mincemeat says:

    i love the pants, very pretty, very flowery.

    hope Y/you all enjoy the time.

  4. Daisuke Japanese sub says:

    Thank you for your awe-inspiring blog artcle. I’m a Japanese sub to serve my domina Naomi every month. Your absolute status above bitch-boy and Lexi make me admire you. What a wonderful humiliation to Lexi and bitch-boy!! I’m sure they are so happy with you. From Saitama,Japan.

  5. westfalen says:

    Nice point MsScarlet re the superfluousness and degradation of the reality of the genuine submission of bb to you in your relationship, from adopting anything to do with the Dominatrix role play stuff.

  6. Tom says:

    I would like to make a similar video set up. Could you tell me which video goggles you bought? I thought I had seen that on your site but now can’t find it. Thanks, Tom

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