What I like seems popular

My Tumblr site now has over 9,000 followers. It seems that what I like is popular. It would be so good if Femdom video and image producers were to adopt more of my preferences. (Better for me and my followers anyway.) I have had some very generous comments including:

……..your blog and tumblr do an excellent job of showcasing the reality of the lifestyle, which is much more exciting than any of the “fanciful material” out there. Your curation on your tumblr  site is fantastic.

Ms Scarlet- i just want to stop by to again thank You for your wonderful Tumblr posts. Wow!:)

So just in case any Femdom video and image producers are reading this let me reiterate that there is a huge market out there for real life domestic tyranny. No warehouses or dungeons or abandoned buildings. # No PVC or rubber or uncomfortable leather. # More clothes than just underwear for the women, if that is what would be normal in the scenario.

One male only.# Show the face of the Mistress while the slave is being abused. i.e. When he is licking mud from her boots, when he is suffering electric shocks, when he is being caned, etc. etc. # Lots of partial ignoring of the male. # The male looking very miserable and unhappy.# The male having an average body and cock, not a body builder or a cock he’s proud of. # Women of all ages. # Men in chastity devices. # Men dressed as maids, or little girls or school girls WHO HATE being dressed like that! (not transvestites or cross-dressing sissies who love being dressed like that!)

I could go on but I think I have covered the key things.

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6 Responses to What I like seems popular

  1. mincemeat says:

    i want to say thay i envy You.
    i jealous by the fact You live like a Real Mistress in Rea time.
    i mean, You living the dream of lots of boys and girls, including me, and its nice to read youre blog, following after what going on, really like rhw blowing sheep sex doll, bought one me self.

    i wish, hope and dreaming to find someone like You who lived it, breath it and being it.

    thank you.

  2. Chris says:

    I completely agree that domination is more effective with ‘normal’ clothing. The Mistress I currently see is professional (current circumstances with terminal ill parents prohibits me from receiving what I truly need). My most recent visit had her in a normal summer dress and shoes and my service felt much more genuine to me. It also, in no way whatsoever, impacted on her ability to inflict the most tortuous pain and humiliations on me.

  3. Steve says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlett,

    I humbly follow your blog and tumbler, finding them both inspiring and enlightening.

    Regarding your comments about PVC, rubber and uncomfortable leather. They got me wondering about the high heels you you were were wearing in the recent picture you posted – you were also wearing a pair of floral hotpants.

    Do they; even in a small way, conform to the unrealistic view real life domestic tyranny you defined? Or are they perhaps, simply attractive and fashionable in a way that some leather can be, but PVC and rubber never are?

    I don’t ask to be rude or impertinent.



    • I am not sure I understand the question. I will have a go at an answer anyway.

      It would be true to say the 6 inch heels are not everyday, non-fetish wear. Hot pants or very short skirts are what I always wear in hot countries when it is just myself and bitch-boy. The heels for two reasons. (A), I have a bit of a high heel fetish. I LOVE how my legs and butt look when wearing such high heels. I like to catch a site of myself in the mirror. (B), together with the hot pants, and me being topless, the whole image has a devastating effect on my sexually desperate slave. It is the most lazy, easy torturing in the world. Just sitting or standing or walking – I am torturing. The look of helpless, pleading, desperation on his face is a delight. It make me hot!

  4. westfalen says:

    Agree with your approach here MsScarlet, as most of my non-Pro Domme experiences similarly were with women who preferred to just dress normally or at least somewhat so, when Dominating, though a couple really got into the whole leather and boots dress-up also, but for their own sense of self-enjoyment and of course seeing ( at least in their minds), my own appreciation of such……though honestly i think your approach MsScarlet is the more effective one, as the more normal, as in domestic servitude, one makes this dynamic, in fact the more captivating and well scary it is for the male sub, at least in my experiences:)

  5. tomilina says:

    Good day, Mistress Scarlet. Some things I greatly enjoy are lace, thigh-highs, and FISHNETS. Thank you.

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