Wool Fetish Site, and other teasing clothing

There are so many fetishes and I find all of them either interesting or amazing. While I would not go as far as to say bitch-boy has a wool fetish; in fact I say he has not. He is however affected by a very good female  body wearing a tight angora/mohair type sweater. Especially a cropped one which reveals a taught firm stomach.

For those that have a strong wool fetish, I have come across a Tumblr site dedicated to the fetish. For those who are interested, enjoy!

tumblr_nz5wc1fsqh1sf0rrro1_1280 copy - Copy tumblr_o2kv5ugNWl1rmbxxbo1_500 copy - Copy

I would love to own a few sweaters just like the ones in the images above – long sleeved, and roll necked – perhaps a bit tighter and much fluffier, but I cannot source such an item here in the UK which is such a shame. I had one once but it got ruined and I have not been able to replace it. It is often cold in the UK and the long sleeves and high neck would keep me warm while showing off my flat athletic stomach. It would be lovely to have poor bitch-boy on his knees in front of me, having been denied relief for a couple of weeks or more, his cock in a spiked restraint tube – and allow him to run his hands across the soft wool, over my bra-less B-cup breasts, down across my flat stomach and back up again, and again. He would not have the will power to stop himself until I told him to. He would whimper and (pointlessly) beg and beg and I would chuckle and get very turned on at his suffering and my complete power and bitchiness. His well trained tongue would soon be required!


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3 Responses to Wool Fetish Site, and other teasing clothing

  1. housework boy says:

    Dear Ms Scarlet

    I have read of this wool fetish in the old Madame magazines. Ladies exploiting their slaves wool fetish by making them knit for in any spare time they had. I remember in particular one Mistress commenting that She locked her husband in the garage where he was required to knit a jumper for Her Mother.

  2. sub05 says:

    Dear Ms Scarlet
    If you are still in search of the perfect sweater Miss, I recommend having a look at these websites.
    I know that a lot of wool fetishists buy their dream sweaters from these knitters. All three of them also do special customized orders. Hope it helps Miss.

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