Chastity for Females

OK, I have always wondered this. The full-on chastity devices for females, do they prevent access to stimulate the clitoris, or do they only stop vaginal penetration?

I would be very grateful to know the answer. I have to say I am very doubtful they do.

Even a finger cannot be squeezed in, could a cliteral orgasm be produced by using a powerful massager/vibrator on the outside of the belt, over the area of the clitoris?




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  1. Pat says:

    I believe the conspiracy theory that the purpose of the female chastity belt was (and is) male centered (from Psychology Today): “There may have also been another version of chastity belts during the 1800s. This was the dawn of the Industrial Revolution and women were beginning to enter the work force. There were no protections against sexual harassment, which was rampant. Some women may have devised their own versions of chastity belts to keep from being raped or molested in the workplace.”

  2. Unmöglich! says:

    Gonna go out on a whim here and say that there is no form of chastity that is 100% effective for any gender, at least, not without the help of the bearer of the device. A powerful vibrator probably could produce an orgasm by stimulating the vulva, just as it could by stimulating a penis, or even surrounding areas. In fact, anywhere on the body can become an erogenous zone, and theoretically, any stimulus could be made to provoke an orgasm. The idea of indomitable chastity isn’t realistic and in practice, as I’m sure you know, it takes two parties to make it work: one to chastise the other, and the other to ‘chastise themselves’.

    • I disagree as far as males are concerned. There are devices involving piercings and padlocks that absolutely prevent satisfying orgasm. It may be possible to produce an ejaculation of semen by prostate massage or use of a vibrator/massager on the device but such an ejaculation is either not satisfying in any way, or is pretty much less that 1% as satisfying as a proper orgasm.
      I am beginning to think there is no device which can prevent a female from achieving a clitoral orgasm apart from very, very think diapers and plastic panties over those, which lock at the waist and thighs. Disappointing.

  3. sissy slut face says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    This is an off-topic question but i was wondering if you would mind sayong what became of your sister Sandra’s relationship with and passion for abusing bitch boi. She figured prominently in earlier journals and then seems to be absent.

    sissy slut face

    • A little over two years ago, Sandra had to move a long way from London with her job, (she loves her job). The firm relocated. She was at the time single. She decided on an experiment. I had implored her to try the reality of a full time Lifestyle Mistress. She is not bi-sexual or lesbian, So she agreed to experiment with a live-in boyfriend who worshipped the ground she walked on, did all the chores, took torments and waited on her hand-and-foot; This she has done. This live-in boyfriend leads a life of considerable chastity. He is not be well endowed, by Sandra’s choice during selection from the ‘applicants’. To cut to the chase she decided on a lifestyle formula she had seen on-line and had always liked the thought of. A live-in submissive boyfriend of average or below average endowment, who she cuckolds with well endowed men. This means the few times I see her each year are purely vanilla occasions. We just have time to talk about how we are doing and what is happening in out lives, no time for anything else. She has suggested I write up her story and current lifestyle in a publication devoted to her. I am not sure.

  4. mddiane says:

    I’m with you Scarlet. Even the diapers and plastic panties you describe might not work if the submissive wasn’t immobilized in some way. I quite certain I could cum anytime I had the use of my Magic Wand, no matter what I was made to wear!

  5. Andy says:

    Good Evening Ms Scarlet.
    With regard to your question.
    With the right fitting belt, and it’s not always,easy to find such an item, although, tgere are some, secure and we’ll designed ones, it stops the female from actually touching her clitorus and labia, in such a,way that she could reach any level of sexual arousal.
    Wearing information several days, is possible, and with it on she will likely be very, aroused but unable, to get satisfaction.
    With the right person and mindset, incredibly intense.if it’s,fitted with a,stainless or silicone phallus, then she cant move the belt but has to endure the fuck continuously, reminding her what it’s about, but without any climax.
    A joy to fit a,sub into it take the keys,and send them away.
    Or lock them in it when they arrive, with no intention of letting them.out but to verbally tease and promise, release but not give it.
    It’s somewhat rigid to wear, restricting bending about by maybe 25%. But it is possible to wear for a,week without removal.
    Certainly the wearer will be controlled.
    The most practical is the stainless band around the waist with rubber cover, then bind the outside of that with a bandage, that stops the sweating and makes it more comfortable. The clitorus cover plate comes up and fixes to the front waist band with a central lock the rear plate comes up between the cheeks with an oval hole at rear, bit uncomfortable, until the body adjusts it’s shape to it.
    You have to be sevier with the wearer and a big part of it is the mind game, they have to know your serious, I don’t for a moment think you would have trouble with that aspect.

    • I am afraid, I take the evidence of Diane (see other comment) over that of a man. I think with the aid of a Magic Wand massager, a determined woman could give herself an orgasm in the type of chastity belt you mention. I would love to hear from women who have been in such a device.

  6. Andy says:

    Search Google. E bay, Full metal chastity belt on eBay £89.99, this is the one I would suggest, having worn the male version, take a look it’s the one with the union jack in the picture, it needs to be adjusted to be a snug fit, but it is very adjustable.

  7. malepet says:

    Ms. Scarlett.
    As the commenters say, it is well neigh impossible to impose complete restriction of orgasm on a female sub using a physical device.

    One alternative that may be worth exploring is imposing chastity through hypnosis. Yes, it sounds a bit weird, but hear me out.

    A hypnotic suggestion can make a submissive unwilling or unable to pleasure themselves. The fact that they could easily cheat using a vibrator doesn’t matter – if their subconscious is preventing them from touching themselves to get off, they cannot receive the stimulation.

    I tried hypnotic chastity – without even using a belt – and found it profoundly effective. I detailed my experiences on this forum posting:

    Can it work? Absolutely. Would it work? It really depends on your sub. If they are really willing to surrender control, then their subconscious would likely be willing to enforce the suggestions.

    The only glitch is that hypnosis and going into trance is a bit of a learned skill. It might be best to have your sub practice on some very basic suggestions, and learn the basics of going into trance, before trying hypnotic chastity.

    I know from reading your blog that you are likely skeptical of such an approach, but really, it can be profoundly effective!

    • First I must say that I am not at all sceptical about the power of hypnosis. It is scientifically proved. What more proof could there be than people who are allergic to all anaesthetics being hypnotised to undergo major operations without feeling pain.

      My scepticism about your suggestion is because my understanding of hypnosis is that no one can be hypnotised to do something they do not want to do. It would be complex to deal with the conflicts of needs but I can see it could work. Thank you.

      • Male Pet says:

        Yes, there is general consensus that hypnotism cannot make you do something you don’t want to do. If you tried to use hypnosis for chastity on some random non-submissive person, it would fail miserably.

        It gets trickier for submissives, because they are typically conflicted between their conscious sexual desires and their subconscious sexual desires. You have written about this extensively in terms of bitchboy not enjoying his torments, but yet his plight somehow meets the needs of his submissive soul. He does not “want” his tortures, but one some deep level he *needs* them.

        Along the same lines, the subconscious of a submissive might very well yearn for the sweet control of chastity, even if consciously they are very conflicted about that desire. If so, the subconscious will embrace and then enforce the suggestions of hypnotic chastity, even as the sub is consciously “desperate” for release.

        Now if the status quo changed – lets say the sub had a cancer scare – the sub’s subconscious might then ignore the chastity suggestion, and focus on more important matters. So, the sub cannot get “trapped” in hypnotic chastity – the subconscious will always act in their self-protection.

        Hypnosis is skill, and not everyone is particularly good at being hypnotized, so it can be a bit of a chore to get up and running. But when it works, it can work even better than a device.

  8. Justin Truth says:

    Why not try a chastity belt fitted with a small bag containg very hot pepper oil. The bag would be designed to be of very flimsy material that comes apart if stimulated with a vibrator. I believe as an engineer that the right processing of some pressure sensors or even some sensors that pick up the pre orgasmic tensions and the flood the vagina with hot pepper oil would discourage trying. Electroshock upon vibration could also work. But simplest would be a fragile container with some sort of abbraider so the same vibration that leads to clitoral orgasm wears the container to breakpoint. If you go with electronics: The electronics can be made frequency sensitive and can be made to trigger with very little time on the vibe. The clitoris is a sensor and the brain a processor. An artificial clit sensor connected to a small microprocessor and powered by a lithium ion battery could wreak havoc upon her should she be so insolent as to disobey. Unless she is a real masochist. But then just wire it to a taser like shock – if it can be done safely.

    But why do you need one? Your sub should be trained and happy to please you or there is a ptoblem.

    Tape their hands into balls for a month if you catch her masturbating. Jobs? Well if she want to keep hers better not get caught even once. This and covert surveilance can also work. Intimidation free relationships are for vanilas or obedient slaves only. Take the gloves off if obedience is a problem.

    Best to fit it without her knowing. If she is unaware that it is there and chances it … surprise! You can use the same die they use in bank security.

    No need to design it yourself. There are plenty of randy engineers that would beg at your feet for the chance.

    Sorry. You are just wrong that it is impossible. Where there is a will…

    One thing for sure…if you catch her beat her. That can work.

    • It may be that something in your list of suggestions would work but I could never find the time to do potentially abortive experiments for months on end. If there is an engineer that could come up with a device that was fool proof, I suggest they patent it and market it. They would sell a lot and I would be first in the queue for a purchase.

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  10. says:

    Usually, the longer you are without sex the more aroused you get and the more you desire it. How horny can you get? Or, do cravings subside over time?

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