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Teasing with sheer

I wonder if sheer clothing (also called mesh clothing)  is as much as a tease to most slaves as it is with both my male and my female slave. There are two Tumblr sites (ONE) , (TWO), which I have come across which focus on sheer clothing. Sheer clothing on me, seems to affect my slaves more than my nakedness. I wear this dress with nothing underneath and my pert B cup breasts seem to be such a tease. Far more so than if I was topless.

d4200230_lisamarie_20_05_15_mc_406721_2 - Copy

And I regularly wear this dressing gown and six inch heeled platform mules when I get up in the morning which sends poor denied bitch-boy mad.

tumblr_o38ytzSvgf1uul1lto1_1280 - Copysheer-007-copy-e1561881546351.jpg



Consistent Cruelty

Well a holiday comes to an end. Blissful – for me. So many orgasms! Almost every day bitch-boy received a prolonged deterrent punishment to get the day going, and ‘get me going’, not that I needed it. Pissed on each afternoon, left in sensory deprivation for a couple of hours upstairs all alone, colouring in with his dolly – outdoors for two or three hours, doing the laundry and ironing, teasingly – in secure sensory bondage on the sofa – having his boy’s bits played with for over an hour every day while I watched a number of DVD’s throughout my break.

No breakfast, no lunch for bitch-boy. All the driving. All the tidying up in the kitchen. The list goes on. bitch-boy will be glad to be home and me return to work, so he can have his break! But my giving up work is moving closer. Lucky bitch-boy will then have my supervising, exploiting company 24/7/365 – lucky slave.

And I used my leisure to write and I have already drafted 37.000 words on my Manual. About a third done I imagine. Can’t wait to publish it in a few months time.

Better punishment position

I  have always preferred two punishment positions when using impact implements to punish a slave because a slave has committed an infraction, or I wish to deter infractions with a deterrent punishment, or I want to punish just because I can.

The first punishment position is where the slave has wrists secured behind back and must kneel on the floor resting on knees, shins and forehead. Ideal for the paddle or cane or quirt in particular. It is good to take a  break and stand by their head pressing the side of shoe or boot lightly against their cheek to highlight the difference in status between Mistress and slave.

The other favourite punishment  was – slave’s wrists secured behind their back and bent face down over the end of the dining table, with ankles wide apart secured to the table legs. However a SERIOUS blow with cane or tawse or quirt could cause the slave to actually move the table as they react to the pain. Less than ideal. So,

I NOW HAVE A BETTER PUNISHMENT POSITION. Still with wrists secured behind back and bent face down over the end of the dining table, but now with ankles secured TOGETHER and thighs secured TOGETHER with a long leather strap just above the knees. While this removes access to scrotum or labia (depending on slave gender), there seems to be much more helplessness and immobility. There is no moving of the table in response to a SERIOUS blow. Quite amazing that after 15 years of punishing, I now find a preferred position for my luckless slaves. (Or are they very lucky!?)



Problems getting them to be more dominant?

I have embarked on writing a manual. It is going well. At the moment the manual title is:

Gratifying Domination and Submissive Contentment: A manual.

The manual will be for dominants and for submissives. It will be for female or male dominants regardless of the gender of their submissive(s). I have already, during the requests to me that I write such a manual, received comments on the topics of advice and guidance that should be covered and I have also helped a number of Dommes in the past who have set out their problems. However my blog gives me an opportunity to seek further comments. So, if there is a particular sticking point or problem that you would like me to cover, (large or small), please leave a comment on this post with the details. If you do not want the comment published, just include that fact and it will not be published.

A brief synopsis of the manual is as follows.

It will not just guidance but also a myriad of ideas, techniques, protocols and inspirations. It will be for beginners and for the experienced. In particular: A section for submissives who want to persuade their partner to become a dominant; A section for partners of submissives who want to learn to adore dominating their submissive partner; and; A section for dominants who want to maximise their satisfaction and advance and perfect their domination.

Then a huge section on ideas, protocols, techniques, etc.


Licking the soles clean

Something I really enjoy is spitting out half chewed food and then squashing it into the surface of the floor with the sole of my shoe or boot before my human toy has to consume the food. The human toy must lick the sole of the shoe or boot clean at the end of the meal.

Licking a sole clean is such a perfect indication of the chasm in status between the human toy and the Mistress. And the footwear can be a high-heeled, very sexy boot or shoe; or can be a much less erotic item of footwear. The effect and messages are the same, or perhaps even more rammed home, if the footwear is a track shoe, plain shoe, or flat heeled boot or Ugg boot.

It is probably not a coincidence that two of the most cruel and naturally dominant visitors of whom bitch-boy suffered the cruel attention, within five minutes of each of them arriving, had him licking the soles of their shoes clean while they chatted to me and we casually discussed the forthcoming afternoon.

There is no skin contact, the toy can be mostly ignored, (apart from the occasional curt instruction for more diligence), the sole obviously can be dirty from every source of detritus imaginable, yet not a moments thought is given to hygiene for the toy. The message is that they do not deserve any thoughts about hygiene. And the almost pointless extreme cleanliness of the sole of the Mistresses’ shoe sole is so, so much more important than the self respect or health of the toy. Delightful!

Ejaculation without orgasm (Part 2)

Well there have been so many comments on my last post.

As with most things, people are different and so there has been different feedback. I would just like to introduce some clarity of word use so we all use the same words for the same things. A male orgasm is an ejaculation WITH a mental feeling of euphoria. Penis muscle spasming without euphoria is ejaculation not orgasm. Release of semen without euphoria but with a sense of mental and emotional release is still not an orgasm.

So the consensus (majority experience) is that ejaculation by prostate stimulation; or by vibration or electrical stimulation while locked in a chastity device, produces ejaculation without orgasm, even if it can provide a sense of mental and emotional release for some males. I had forgotten about producing ejaculation using electrical stimulation from a TENS type unit. My thanks to all those who have commented so far, it is fascinating and very helpful.

Ejaculation without orgasm

A comment has caused me to seek advice from you dear followers.

I think for a male there is an ejaculation without an orgasm as well as an ejaculation with one. An orgasm includes a huge feeling of euphoria. I can give bitch-boy a spoiled ejaculation by stopping all physical contact with his penis the very first moment ejaculation begins. Another way is when he is caused to ejaculate without euphoria by prostate stimulation. In these two cases, there is an ejaculation of semen but no euphoria. HE HATES THIS!

An orgasm (feeling or euphoria) appears to require appropriate continued stimulation of the penis once the ejaculation has begun, until it ceases.

I have never given him an ejaculation, when he is locked in his CB6000 by continued use of a vibrator/massager on the surface of the CB6000. (Partly because he is usually locked in his polycarbonate tube and I only use the CB6000 for special occasions.) I have seen on the web, ejaculations caused this way. I wonder if there is any euphoria, I would have doubted it. If you have experienced an ejaculation while in a CB6000 or similar chastity device, was there euphoria?