Better punishment position

I  have always preferred two punishment positions when using impact implements to punish a slave because a slave has committed an infraction, or I wish to deter infractions with a deterrent punishment, or I want to punish just because I can.

The first punishment position is where the slave has wrists secured behind back and must kneel on the floor resting on knees, shins and forehead. Ideal for the paddle or cane or quirt in particular. It is good to take a  break and stand by their head pressing the side of shoe or boot lightly against their cheek to highlight the difference in status between Mistress and slave.

The other favourite punishment  was – slave’s wrists secured behind their back and bent face down over the end of the dining table, with ankles wide apart secured to the table legs. However a SERIOUS blow with cane or tawse or quirt could cause the slave to actually move the table as they react to the pain. Less than ideal. So,

I NOW HAVE A BETTER PUNISHMENT POSITION. Still with wrists secured behind back and bent face down over the end of the dining table, but now with ankles secured TOGETHER and thighs secured TOGETHER with a long leather strap just above the knees. While this removes access to scrotum or labia (depending on slave gender), there seems to be much more helplessness and immobility. There is no moving of the table in response to a SERIOUS blow. Quite amazing that after 15 years of punishing, I now find a preferred position for my luckless slaves. (Or are they very lucky!?)



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11 Responses to Better punishment position

  1. sissy slut face says:

    i would also thing that each would offer a different, relative advantage for CBT with kicking for bitch boi, if that tickled your fancy.

  2. Jack says:

    Why not implement a combination of both methods? Sub laying on the table with hands bound behind their back. Calves tied to thighs behind the knees. Attach each ankle to a table leg spreading the legs apart allowing BB’s balls to hang free and allow you un-hindered access with whatever implement you choose.

    I might even suggest a strap across the lower back around the table and/or a rope from their collar to the other end of the table to make sure your sub stays put while you punish them.

    Just a thought. I am sure BB will appreciate the suggestion.

  3. Malcolm says:

    For those with testicles, I think you can pull them out back between their legs before securing the thighs if you wish to punish the scrotum in that position.

  4. Kres says:

    Being bent over a chair with retained arms legs and body with the strap and the cane being administered. harshly is usually good enough but better still if there are two mistresses that provide an adequate reminder who is the boss or bosses.
    Any offers.

  5. Pippa Minty says:

    This is absolutely brilliant advice and I plan to implement it. I am a fairly new Dom and I try my best to come up with restrictive positions for my sub, but figuring something out on the fly and just “winging” it doesn’t work for me. This advice is pure gold! Thank you!

  6. gqn4gqn4 says:

    To what do you secure the feet? Do they touch the floor? Are they restrained halfway between the table legs by a strap running along the floor?

    • The feet are on the floor. Because the ankles and the thighs, (just above the knees), are secured tight together, the slave has no stability unless they remain bent face down over, and leaning their weight on the table. This is far superior to ankles wide apart secured to the table legs because that does give them stability if they move to stand upright or jerk the table forward.

  7. Izzy says:

    Thank you! As a new dom, this blog in general has been very helpful!

  8. sissy jamieanne says:

    Any of the three positions would seem to leave a slave quite vulnerable and subject to whatever pain You wish to dish out, Ma’am! In each position You have the wrists secured behind the back which leaves them totally at Your mercy (and we all know You possess very little of that)…I’ve always hated the helplessness of having my hands cuffed or tied in back!

    The most important thing is that Mistress is comfortable, happy, and has an appropriately displayed and presented target to punish!


    sissy jamieanne

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