Consistent Cruelty

Well a holiday comes to an end. Blissful – for me. So many orgasms! Almost every day bitch-boy received a prolonged deterrent punishment to get the day going, and ‘get me going’, not that I needed it. Pissed on each afternoon, left in sensory deprivation for a couple of hours upstairs all alone, colouring in with his dolly – outdoors for two or three hours, doing the laundry and ironing, teasingly – in secure sensory bondage on the sofa – having his boy’s bits played with for over an hour every day while I watched a number of DVD’s throughout my break.

No breakfast, no lunch for bitch-boy. All the driving. All the tidying up in the kitchen. The list goes on. bitch-boy will be glad to be home and me return to work, so he can have his break! But my giving up work is moving closer. Lucky bitch-boy will then have my supervising, exploiting company 24/7/365 – lucky slave.

And I used my leisure to write and I have already drafted 37.000 words on my Manual. About a third done I imagine. Can’t wait to publish it in a few months time.

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30 Responses to Consistent Cruelty

  1. kevin says:

    How Delightful for You!…him as well, just in a different way😎
    Best regards

  2. mistressmargret says:

    Sounds like you had a lovely time.
    I would like to ask are you working on another volume of your journeles?

    • I am not sure there is the demand for a 12th volume.

      • mistressmargret says:

        I am very new to the lifestyle.
        I like you am served by my sissy .
        Who when not at work is dressed as my maid she/he cooks and cleans for me.
        Is in chastity with a release once a month longer if being punished.
        We have been married for fifteen years and we love each other dearly.
        We have lived the lifestyle for 18 months so I am learning.
        Like you I do use dickie punishment with nettles. In fact we have a small green house which is heated throughputthe winter. So I have sissy grow nettles for me so we have a supply all year round.
        I would like to start using deep heat
        But being new to this am worried about causing an infection due the sensitivity of of the skin on the skin of the penis.
        Has your bitch boy ever had any such problems after one of your dickie punishment session?

        • I cannot see a problem of infection from Deep Heat, it is after all a medical product. bitch-boy has received deep heat to his penis over a number of years and there has never been an infection. I think infections can only arise if something dirty is pushed down the urethra or if the skin of the penis is broken/scratched through the top skin layer and then something dirty is put into the wound. I hope this helps.

          • mistressmargret says:

            Yes you have been very helpful.
            Thank you..
            And I may ask for advice again if that would be okay with you?
            I have a tube of deep heat and have told sissy that I will use it.
            And is very nervous because sometimes I leave it on the bedside table..
            Last week he had his monthly orgasam. I had him tied down on the bed and told him I was going to rub his clitty with the deep heat instead of the usual lubricant. I blindfolded him.
            He was begging me not too.
            I took the top off the tube of deep heat and waved it under his nose so he could smell it which had him begging even more..
            I got his clitty nice and hard said to him are you ready.
            He was struggling with his bindings
            As I picked up the usual lubricant and edged him several times before letting him cum.
            It was such fun teasing him but he knows that one day I will use it.

            • That was a fantastic mind-fuck.
              One option is to start light because then you have loads of escalation potential. The first time you use it, just put some on the shaft and rub it well in. You can escalate sometime by putting it on the penis head too. And escalate again adding some to the balls as well. You can take months to incrementally increase the distress levels, if that amuses you.

              Other escalations include using an exfoliating glove first to put tiny scratches into the skin, of a very hot flannel to open up the pores.

              • mistressmargret says:

                I have used a hard tooth brush on the shift before a session with the stinging nettles.
                When you have applied deep heat to bich boys clitty how long does the burning last for ?

                • The burning lasts between 10 and 20 minutes. There are a range of Deep Heat products, each producing a differing level of burn. I like to use the muscle rescue roll-on lotion which is very convenient. You do not have to get the lotion on your hands and the lotion can be kept in the hand-bag (Purse). It appears to produce one of the most severe burns too.

                  If the penis skin is kept in contact with a heavy fabric or say, a condom, after Deep Heat application, the burning is much more intense.

                  • mistressmargret says:

                    Thank you Mistress Scarlet you have been most helpful.
                    I have ordered the gloves.
                    I will have to check which strength deep heat I have. The one I have is muscle rescue.
                    I don’t want to start him off with one that is very strong and at first will start with just a thin application
                    And without causing any abrasions to the skin to start with .
                    I intend to give him his first treatment in the next couple of wrrks he knows nothing of my plans and will not until he is tied down and I have the tube in my hands.
                    I will let you know how he liked his little treat lol.
                    And it is his thought he introduced me to your journals.
                    He has them all on his kindle
                    I have read upto volume 3 so far and will start 4 in the next few days.
                    He is also surprised to know that I have spoken to you and asked your advice.
                    And seems a little worried.
                    I told him its your fault for buying and down loading the books in the first place.
                    When will he learn? Lol

                    • Please, please let me know how he likes his ‘treat’. BTW, Muscle Rescue appears to be the worst. It seems to burn even more than Extra Strength. An alternative to buying a weaker one is to start by an application to only a small area of the shaft.
                      When I have applied it to bitch-boy and then, after a minute or two, it begins to take effect, I like to use by Magic Wand on myself, or have my girlfriend lick me, while I can hear him sobbing and sobbing.

                • jim sedrut says:

                  You are a Goddess!

  3. Scott says:

    Mistress Scarlet, could you discuss your approach towards financial domination? I understand the point is to make the male feel like he does not have control, but how is this accomplished? – slave scott

    • I believe the point of financial domination is whatever the Domme wants it to be and the male is prepared to cope with. At one end of the spectrum, all the male’s income is paid into the Domme’s bank account and he has to beg to have access to any pocket money he needs. At the other end, the male has to pay to see the Domme, or have any contact with her. Pay to kiss her boots, pay to be allowed to cum. etc. Sometimes give her his credit card for her to max out or take her shopping and buy everything she wants.

  4. tellster says:

    hello Mistress Scarlet…Your style of Domination has always fasinated me…because it is real…not fluffed up like so many others…and Your writings are supurb…i wonder if You would if You could look at this film i saw ‘n give me Your opinion on it…thanks in advance for Your time…i know how busy You are …best reguards…tellster

    • This is a link to just the trailer? I quite liked it but ideally my male slave would never be an equal to my female slave, so he never sees her being dominated and is always dominated by her when they are in the same room. My ideal would be two female slaves dominated at the same time by me. I can think of hundreds of things I would like to do in that scenario. And when I had finished with them, (hopefully they are man-hating lesbians), bitch-boy would then get triple-dommed by the two of them and me.

  5. sissy jacqui says:

    Your poor slave seems to be getting peed on quite regularly now. Is this level of humiliation something you enjoy? Do you think he will ever move to the next level of toilet service?

    • Yes bitch-boy does get peed on very regularly by me and by my girlfriend. He hates it!
      I assume by next level, you mean scatological activity, solid waste. That will not be happening because there are potential health issues and the smell would be a turn-off for me. I don’t rule out having him locked in nappies and soiling himself. He would have to clean himself up with me comfortably in another room, perhaps keeping an eye on him with the baby video monitor.

  6. mistressmargret says:

    I will certainly let you know how sissy likes his treat.
    I don’t know if you have done this to bitch boy.
    But after I have brought him to an orgasam. I carry on masturbating him.
    He finds this very uncomfortable and I have him begging me to stop
    I say things like I thought you liked having it played with if you want me to stop maybe we should lock it up and only let it out for punishment lol
    Anyway I keep rubbing and edge him some more before locking him up all frustrated again

    • Post orgasmic stimulation torture, I think is sometimes called ‘tickling’. You sound like a delightfully cruel Domme.

      • Mistress Margret says:

        I have only been living the life style for about 18 months. That is when my stepdaughter moved out.
        He always wanted me to dominate him but obviously we could not go to far into it with her living with us.
        But yes I am enjoying life he does all of the housework and cooking which has improved.
        after many discipline sessions.which I have had so much fun administering.
        And am learning as I go.
        I am also looking forward to your manual when you publish it.
        I will let you know how the deep heat treat goes. I went out and purchased the normal strength so will start with that and work my way up..
        I may also have sissy give you a report of his treat and thank you for giving his Mistress some advice.
        if that would be okay with you?
        Once again thank you for your help.

  7. mistressmargret says:

    when he is amanda and working on his chores I dress him in a simple woman’s cleaning tunic.
    It costs £15.88.
    I did not see the point of him buying anything to expensive for working in and spoiling.
    it only reaches down to the top of his thighs. Some times he wears no knickers or I may decide to have him wear nylon directoire knickers which he finds so humiliating.and black patent court shoes.
    When amanda is serving me in the evenings I have him in a very pretty satin maids uniform in hot pink!prettyPhoto
    Which lots of lace and a petticoat that rustles with every step he takes.
    Again I might have have in directoire knickers.
    He never wears a wig or anything after all he is a male lol
    I hope you like my choice of clothing for amanda?
    We have friends staying this weekend so we are living our vanilla relationship.
    but to make up for that before they arrived last night after he had bathed I had lay over the end of the bed and administered 30 strokes of the cane to his wet bottom after I had rubbed baby oil into it. The cane has an extra bite to it after this treatment. I then dressed him these hessian pants to wear under his trousers.
    which rubbed against sore and stripped bottom and must have been so uncomfortable for him in the restaurant having to sit for almost two hours and you can only excuse yourself to go the toilet a certain amount of times.

  8. sissy jamieanne says:

    Reading this, I am reminded that You are indeed a Goddess, Mistress Scarlet! Your consistent cruelty is a clear reminder that this is all very real for You and bb! It was Your holiday, but no break for Your slave/husband, if anything his trials and torments were only increased. I find it particularly telling that he was denied breakfast and lunch each day (no doubt Yours was exquisite and decadent)…even on holiday, no holiday for bb!

    In humble respect,

    sissy jamieanne

  9. slave shoe says:

    Hello Mistress Scarlet. A BOG fan of your site and of course Your Journals. I do have a questions about Your fantastic approach to the TSD. I have as a slave endured limited TSD and noise using ear buds, primarily with heavy metal music, and some white, ive never gone longer than 2 hours, but i think the level of the volume my lead me to ending the torment before my Mistress would like to. My question is – how do you ascertain the “appropriate” volume ? I want to endure many more hours, so do You check and verify what bb can withstand, and then factor in the time duration ? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated for my Mistress. Thank You for Your time.

    • Your problem may be using heavy metal. There is a 10 hour white noise recording on YouTube. I think it is called Celestial white noise. This can be recorded onto a Dictaphone, which I have done, or played direct from the net with a wifi device. (although that may drop out).

      I am not aiming at the noise being a torture. The torture is simply to ensure that there is no sensory input for the slave. So I have the white noise just loud enough that the slave cannot hear me moving around upstairs, and thereby also not be able to hear noises from outside the house or downstairs etc. The slave would be able to hear a gun shot close by the house I imagine, or even me moving around in the room in high heels on say, a tiled floor.

      I hope that helps.

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