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Humiliation Equipment Sourcing

I wonder if my wonderful blog followers can help me with some sourcing problems I have. Things wear out, new items become available. There are three items I wish to purchase to keep bitch-boy’s humiliation and subjugation levels at their highest but am struggling to find a UK source.

THE FIRST item is a see through plastic apron with frills. He has had a cream PVC apron for years which is very frilly indeed and he has to wear it for his kitchen work and serving meals, to protect whichever of his  pretty little girl’s dresses he is wearing under the apron. This apron is however, very much, on its last legs. I have seen frilled see-through plastic aprons on the internet and would love to get one for bitch-boy, so that his little girl attire could be seen through the plastic apron. But I cannot find a retailer of a frilled see-though plastic apron.

THE SECOND item is a lockable face/head harness which holds a pacifier securely in place. He has his lovely cock pacifier already but I would like to lock it in place. I have seen these pacifier head harnesses on the net in the past.

THE THIRD item is a strap on dildo, the balls of which are actually a squeezable bulb which can be filled with a fluid of ones choice. And then the dildo can ejaculate over the slave’s face or into the slave’s  mouth (or both), (or other orifice), at the appropriate moment. So degrading! Fluids can include any combination of natural yoghurt, spit, urine, the slaves own semen collected on a previous occasion.

Such items can also be used with naughty female Play-toys too.

Perfect and Cruel Status Differentiation

I thought these two videos were wonderful in depicting such a strong reinforcement of status differentiation and delightful cruelty too. A slaves cock VERY cruelly squashed under the Mistresses chair and denied sexual pleasure or climax, and the Mistress enjoying relaxed, satisfying masturbation in the face of the denied, tortured slave.



Footwear and defenceless cocks- Part 2

652-vanity-f - CopyContinuing from yesterday’s post. I do love high heeled mules. I keep a pair of six inch heeled mules with a two inch platform by my bed all the time. Firstly they are so easy to slip on. Even first thing in the morning, getting out of bed, slip on the mules and the sheer black dressing gown and poor denied bitch-boy is tortured as I nonchalantly walk past. And I always slip on the mules when naked and walking to and from my sun lounger.

But the point of this post, is the use of mules in shaming and teasing. (You will of read of this specific mules practice in several of my published journals.) With my petty foot in the mule on a pile of large books or a suitable step, a kneeling and sexually desperate male, wrists secured behind him, can from the side, be allowed to push his erect cock between the sole of my foot and the surface of the mule on which my sole would normally be resting. He can then be allowed to fuck the gap. If he is coming to close to orgasm, my foot can be lifted and the male is frustratingly air-fucking. Or the foot can be pressed down, so the cock is squashed flat and the fucking must cease. Not just frustrating, but so shameful for the male. Never permitted to fuck a woman properly, but relegated to this, while kneeling at the feet of his smirking, spiteful owner. If furniture can be suitably arranged, I can watch TV or read a magazine or talk on the phone while the male fucks away – hopeless and ignored. Deeply shaming.

With a change of angle, the male can push into the gap from behind, under my heel. Even more weight can be pressed down in this configuration.

Sometimes the gap between the heel and sole of the shoe (where heel meets sole) allows a male to make almost enough contact at top and sides of the gap, to generate a fucking sensation (of sorts LOL).

I would never be without mules.


Footwear and defenceless cocks- Part 1

I have a high heels fetish. Shoes and Boots. My bitch-boy does too. I find them an erotic sight and so much more so when involved in a subjugating act on a naked submissive. My Tumblr site reflects this.   The sole pushed down on the back of the neck or head of a sub kneeling low on the floor. Or pushed down on the throat of a sub lying on their back on the floor, until they begin to panic with the asphyxiating sensation. Or the sole held down against a licking tongue. Or the side of the shoe or boot tapping lazily against the penile restraint device as he kneels up, at your feet.

A sharp heel pushed down on a nipple or sensitive thigh. Or best of all a sole flattening a penis against a very hard surface or a sharp heel digging into the sensitive tube of flesh. ( A few comments on this. If there is a soft surface behind, like the slave’s stomach, the effect and discomfort is very much less. Also, it cannot be done well if the slave is kneeling on the floor – the slave needs to be sat on his butt on the floor with legs wide apart and the floor needs to be wood or tile, not carpet. I had bitch-boy make a small wooden box a good while ago and it is just the right height that he can kneel with his balls tied to the box and then I can press a sole or dig in a heel and the penis lays between a hard place (the wood) and ME!)

All of this is so much better if, as in bitch-boy’s case, he has a high heel fetish and he is utterly sexually frustrated through an enforced denial period. (Which is just about all of the time.) Then his erection remains strong as he helplessly observes the cruel eroticism.

Tomorrow I will post on the topic of using high heeled mules for lovely tease and denial and shaming.

tumblr_oampexx61O1s0bveqo1_500 copy - Copy

I should just mention that I find the sight of a beautiful shoe pressed down on a shaved labia or vulnerable breast is also rather erotic!

Over 10,000 Tumblr followers

My Tumblr site now has over 10,000 followers. I don’t really know if that is good for a fetish site or not. Anyway what I really like is knowing that 10,000 people like the things I like. Domestic Female Tyranny. CFNM. Shaming. Partially ignoring. Enforced chastity. Lesbian cuckolding of males. Dickie Discipline, Male maids, Two or more women ganging up on a male, etc. etc. etc.


Delightful, Cruel Dominance!

I received a long comment from Boot Gimp which I felt worthy of a blog posting in its own right. I wanted to make some observations on the conduct of Boot Gimp’s wonderful Mistress. How awesome she appears to be! Firstly, I just adore the technique of using deceitful empathy and exploitative encouragement to get a slave to talk freely and passionately about the shameful, pathetic perversities that affect them so deeply. And then when the shameful beans have been well and truly spilt, the Mistress switches mode and callously and scornfully mocks the slave for having such contemptible perversities of thought and personality. Secondly, that she invokes a new devastating rule making the slave miserable for no other reason than – just because she can, and informs the slave that the new rule will remain in place for the rest of the slave’s existence – with no chance of a change of heart. Thirdly having the slave sincerely give thanks for something the slave hates and, finally, giving an instruction suffixed by the dreaded words, ‘until further notice’. Such an instruction filling a slave with dread because they have no idea for how long the torment will continue.  Delightful, cruel dominance!

Here is the comment:

My Mistress has done something that has left me truely heartbroken and in awe of Her development into the Dominant role. A week ago she came back from shopping looking amazing in her tight jeans and very well worn black leather ballet flats ( such a favourite of mine). She ordered me to get myself naked, and to be collared and hand cuffed with a short chain connecting the cuffs to collar; putting me in a begging position. I was so excited as I had a feeling I was going to have prolonged shoe worship after her long day of shopping.

Mistress began asking me if I liked her shoes etc, teasing me, patronising me. Making me say in detail how much I love footwear, why I love them etc. She has a wonderful way of making me feel comfortable to admit to my shoe fetish desires fully before switching it around to letting me know how pathetic it is to be turned on by shoe sweat.

She then began to tell me of a thought She had had while out and about. I was told how lucky I am that I love shoe worship as footwear licking is one of her favourite things. She enjoys the visual aspect of looking down. She enjoys the symbolism. She even enjoys feeling a tongue pushing against her toes through leather.  And of course there is the practical aspect of cleaning shoes with my tongue. She then went on to explain though that my fetish for the SMELL of sweaty worn shoes has no benefit to her at all. She explained that she was unhappy that a byproduct of my shoe licking was me enjoying the aroma of her foot sweat. This is especially true when sometimes prolonged shoe licking is used as punishment – she said it wasn’t right that I have the reward of smelling the shoe.

I was a little bit confused by what she said. Then she told me she had a present for me and I was to put my hands out. She placed a little package in my hand containing a swimmers nose clip. She laughed very hard and loud as she saw the penny drop with me. I felt sick instantly. She quickly explained that I would be wearing my present for all future foot and footwear worship to ensure I fully concentrate on the cleaning and worship and not my own pathetic little sweaty shoe AROMA fetish.

I attempted to plead and argue. She cut me off by placing her hand out and demanding with authority, ‘£3.50 for the present gimp’. So for extra humiliation I had to scurry off to get money to pay for the worst present I’ve ever had. She then took the clip out of the packet and placed it on my nose. She then made me thank her and tell her how wonderful her idea was. This was extra humiliating given the nasal voice created by the clip.

She explained that when I deserve a reward I will occasionally be allowed to sniff her footwear, but I will be gagged. She then casually and heartlessly said that she doesn’t envisage any eventuallity where I’ll ever lick and smell her shoes at the same time ever again. I was and am still devastated.

She then gave me her sweaty shoes and told me to lick the sweat out until further notice.
And just for good measure, the nose clip stayed on for the rest of the day.

Easy Deep Humiliation Rules

There is a simple protocol, once training on the protocol is concluded, to cause great humiliation to your sissy. Once he is all dressed up in his finery, and has completed any chores you may have given him, or at any time there is nothing to occupy him and he presents himself, you simply ask,

‘Pansy-piece, what would you like to do now?‘ He has been trained to always answer this question by saying,

‘Please Mistress, please can I play with my dollies now.’ Obviously his shame is intense and made worse with what follows. You respond by saying, in a very patronising, sarcastic tone,

‘Well of course you can play with your dollies pansy-piece, if that is what you want to do. Now sit on the floor over there and do some colouring-in with a dolly helping you.‘ So not only has he had to endure the shame of asking, but he then has to actually play with his dollies until further notice. Obviously if it is a default rule that he must always lisp, the ordeal is made worse still. And if you have one or more guests present the humiliation is deliciously deep. (Especially if they do not know of the pre-trained protocol – although they almost immediately guess it because of the shamed, miserable expression on sissies face.)

And the initial exchange can be dragged out. When sissy says,

‘Please Mistress, please can I play with my dollies now.’ You can respond by saying,

‘Is that what you really want to do you big pansy?’ Obviously he knows he must respond by confirming that he really does, and then you can twist the knife.

‘Well, aren’t you the most pathetic excuse for a man, wanting to play with dollies. Not a man at all are you, just a pathetic little sissy that deserves all he gets. So of course you can play with your dollies pansy-piece, if that is what you want to do so much. Now sit on the floor over there and do some colouring-in with a dolly helping you.

If you have a sissy maid, or French maid and your pleasure is the maid constantly doing chores, then the rule can be slightly different. Whenever he has finished a chore and presents himself, you ask,

‘Suzette, what would you like to do now?‘ Your maid has been trained to always answer this question by saying,

‘Please Mistress, please may I do another chore please Mistress.’ And of course you give him another chore; even if it is cleaning the floor or toilet he has just cleaned.

Believe me, the initial training is well worth the subsequent pleasure.

Three diaper chastity for females

You may recall from earlier posts about the manual I am writing, that it seems there is no chastity device which can prevent a female from using clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm and traditional chastity belt devices are simply to prevent penetration.

I will say that perhaps if a female slave in a chastity belt has no access to vibrators or massagers then clitoral orgasms may be prevented, but I have heard of women pressing themselves against the washing machine on spin cycle to obtain the required vibrations! And then there are sneaky slim fingers getting to the clitoris under the belt.

However, a very shame faced Play-toy was the guinea pig in my experiments lab earlier this week and I can confirm that three layers of diapers with plastic panties locked on over the top, did prevent vibrations reaching her clitoris from my Magic Wand massager at full power and would make a 100% effective chastity system. This does at least mean, when in the home left alone, a female slave can be prevented from successful masturbation but I do wonder if such a bulk could be worn out to work or the shops. Perhaps under a mid length pleated skirt?

(Obviously the plastic panties I use on my slaves do not have access holes!)

Distressed slave fretting from a tiny risk

In the UK the summer brings with it the fun of having bitch-boy outdoors while dressed as a little girl and holding one of his dollies. The outdoors magnifies his miserable fears so much. Especially if he is locked outside while my girlfriend and I sit in the conservatory flicking through magazines, laughing and canoodling. bitch-boy with the hem of his little girl dress coming down only to his hips, all the ribbon bows, the pink Mary Jane shoes padlocked on.

My garden is secluded in the normal course of events. But horse riders atop of horses passing close by (and they are always women where I live), or a neighbour up a ladder working on house or tree maintenance would see into the garden. A tiny risk but the risk causes such exquisite fretting, just delightful. And the breeze flapping at a hem, the occasional sounds of passers by, the absence of an escape route – all seem to help to maintain the insecurity and  fear and DEEP HUMILIATION. I guess its that much closer to the real world than inside my lair of perversities where the conventions of the real world are side-lined.

(And little female slaves seem to fret deliciously too when subjected to the same outdoor treat.)

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