Distressed slave fretting from a tiny risk

In the UK the summer brings with it the fun of having bitch-boy outdoors while dressed as a little girl and holding one of his dollies. The outdoors magnifies his miserable fears so much. Especially if he is locked outside while my girlfriend and I sit in the conservatory flicking through magazines, laughing and canoodling. bitch-boy with the hem of his little girl dress coming down only to his hips, all the ribbon bows, the pink Mary Jane shoes padlocked on.

My garden is secluded in the normal course of events. But horse riders atop of horses passing close by (and they are always women where I live), or a neighbour up a ladder working on house or tree maintenance would see into the garden. A tiny risk but the risk causes such exquisite fretting, just delightful. And the breeze flapping at a hem, the occasional sounds of passers by, the absence of an escape route – all seem to help to maintain the insecurity and  fear and DEEP HUMILIATION. I guess its that much closer to the real world than inside my lair of perversities where the conventions of the real world are side-lined.

(And little female slaves seem to fret deliciously too when subjected to the same outdoor treat.)

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11 Responses to Distressed slave fretting from a tiny risk

  1. mistressmargret says:

    Oh what fun. How long was he out there for?
    I have finally given Amanda his deep heat treat.
    This happened this afternoon.
    I secured him to the bed so that he was sitting up and able to see what was going to happen.
    I will now let Amanda tell you about his treat.
    Dear Mistress Scarlet
    My Mistress has instructed me to type this report of my lovely treat that I had this afternoon.
    I had finished my morning chores when Mistress told me to go up the bedroom and undress and kneel by the bed and wait for her.
    I some nettles in a vase on the dresser so you will no doubt guess that I was dreading the afternoon which lay in front of me.
    After 45 minutes she came into the room and told me to get onto the bed, she tied so that I was sitting up, she said she wanted me to have a good view of what was going to happen.
    After unlocking my chastity she made my little clitty hard and used her small penis whip which made my poor clitty red and sore.
    Mistress then opened the draw of the bedside table and picked up the tube of deep heat.
    I went into a panic and begged and pleaded with her not to use it.
    She said deep heat will only last ten to twenty minutes so where as the nettles last much longer so you should be thankful I am using this.
    She unscrewed the top of the tube and waved the tube under my nose laughing as she did so.
    She put a rubber glove on and squeezed some of the cream onto her finger.
    I was so scared as she rubbed it into the top of the shaft of my clitty in a small circle.
    And oh she started to build; she then did the same to underside of my shaft.
    Oh and did it burn
    She sat and watched as I suffered and laughed telling me not to be a baby it was only a little dab of the cream.
    As the burning began to fade to my horror she picked the tube up and squeezed some more of the cream into the palm of her hand and rubbed me back to erection again telling me to think myself lucky that I she had not pulled my foreskin back and rubbed some into the head of my clitty.
    I was in agony Mistress sat back and enjoyed a glass of white wine.
    As the burning began to ease Mistress said that it was a shame to waste the nettles as she put another pair of gloves on and rubbed the leaves and stem up and down my shaft before replacing my chastity cage and releasing me to do some ironing.
    I am now sitting typing this for you Mistress Scarlet with a very sore clitty and a very red and well stripped bottom after receiving a caning for being slow with the ironing and because of the effects of my lovely treat this afternoon I could not concentrate on my ironing and Mistress found some creases.
    Mistress Scarlet Thank you for giving my Mistress the advice she asked for and for giving her some useful hints in clitty punishment.
    A respectful curtsy sissy maid amanda .

    I had so much fun with my vibe while he was busy ironing and again after caning him .
    Mistress Margret

  2. fluffy says:

    has BB – ever spent the whole day outdoors? or a night even?

  3. Christine M says:

    Hello Scarlet
    I have been meaning to write on a few things for a while now. There always seems so much to do though, I don’t know how you manage to post so regularly! Anyway, my interest for now relates to your post on the use of Deep Heat Muscle Rescue. My interest arose with your advice that it is worse on the knob. I have mostly used the Ralgex Stick, and now the Linex Stick, though I have tried a few of the creams, including Ralgex Cream and Deep Heat. Like you I also found Deep Heat burns for 10 – 20 minutes; whereas the sticks burn for a good forty minutes or more.
    Where I see a real difference is that my boy finds it is far worse on the shaft than the knob. I mean it still burns madly on the knob, but definitely the worst bit for my boy is the underside of the shaft, so I always focus on this area. Thirty or more coats :). I am wondering if this might be due to his being circumcised. Is Bitch Boy circumcised?
    I have a friend I write with, who ties her boy’s balls with a stocking, and then coats them too. This is apparently exceptionally painful, and burns for much longer. My boy is spared this, though I have threatened it, he is terrified of the idea.
    The pain can of course be intensified with the use of heat. I like to wrap it in wheat heat wrap product, I bought one for wrapping around wrist joints, which is secured with velcro. These wraps are warmed in the microwave and are just perfect for wrapping around little boys toys! They greatly intensify the pain, and are perfect for extending his discomfort too. Wicked!

    • I like the sound of the wrap. I will have to look into that.

      You are right, my bitch-boy is not circumcised. I have read that the head of a penis on a circumcised male becomes desensitised if they are circumcised as a baby. I understand that in Sweden, (the most sophisticated societal and governmental culture in the world), circumcision of baby boys is illegal and considered assault. And one reason is that it is genital mutilation because it reduces sexual pleasure when an adult.

  4. Chris says:

    This wonderful depiction reminds me of an event in my past many years ago; back when I was a student and in the early phases of my journey into submission. It was summer, and I had delayed my travel home to help with the renovations of a property belonging to a dominant lady who had been gracious enough to take me under her wing earlier in the term. There were three males including myself working in the garden; the garden backed onto a field behind a thin hedgerow. We were all dressed in work boots, gloves, and our underwear (nothing else). Half way through the afternoon I heard a horsey noise, and looked up to see a rather fetching lady on horse back peering over the top of the hedge giggling at the sight of us work slaves. She turn her head and spoke to her companion “Oh look at this, you need some of these to help with your garden!”, at this another lady appeared, and announced, “Yes, but I’d want them naked!”. They both burst into peels of laughter, trotting along on their way.

    The other males I was working with barely batted an eyelid; I remember feeling very embarrassed. I later told my then mistress about the incident, which she found very amusing, and added that it could have been worse, she was planning that we would wear all wear leotards and tights, but the box containing them was still in storage and had not been moved to the house yet. I shuddered at the thought, but also kind of secretly wished it had happened that way.

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