Three diaper chastity for females

You may recall from earlier posts about the manual I am writing, that it seems there is no chastity device which can prevent a female from using clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm and traditional chastity belt devices are simply to prevent penetration.

I will say that perhaps if a female slave in a chastity belt has no access to vibrators or massagers then clitoral orgasms may be prevented, but I have heard of women pressing themselves against the washing machine on spin cycle to obtain the required vibrations! And then there are sneaky slim fingers getting to the clitoris under the belt.

However, a very shame faced Play-toy was the guinea pig in my experiments lab earlier this week and I can confirm that three layers of diapers with plastic panties locked on over the top, did prevent vibrations reaching her clitoris from my Magic Wand massager at full power and would make a 100% effective chastity system. This does at least mean, when in the home left alone, a female slave can be prevented from successful masturbation but I do wonder if such a bulk could be worn out to work or the shops. Perhaps under a mid length pleated skirt?

(Obviously the plastic panties I use on my slaves do not have access holes!)

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10 Responses to Three diaper chastity for females

  1. sissy jamieanne says:

    Good Day Ma’am,

    It seems You’ve found a most effective way to prevent Your female slaves from violating chastity! And I’m sure being triple diapered and in plastic panties is rather a humiliating affair in itself.

    Most humbly,

    sissy jamieanne

  2. sara elise says:

    Sounds diabolical..I love it! 🙂

  3. Madam,

    Another way would be to tie your slave up in a way she can’t touch herself, such as legs and arms spread and tied to 4 corners of a bed or something similar.

    • I am not sure you understood the objective. The objective was to impose 100% chastity control for as much of a 24/7 life as possible even when not under the direct control of the Mistress. So the female slave needs to be able to do chores, work from home, perhaps go shopping, etc.

  4. mistressmargret says:

    Hello Scarlet this does not relate to this blog but one from August 2014.
    you were saying that you were thinking of giving up work and devoting more time to bitch boy.
    I was wondering if this has happened yet or if it will in the near future?

  5. sillymaid says:

    Have you considered a skater style dress? Flared enough to hide, short enough to be sexy, risky enough to make wearer conscious all the time…and being a dress harder to wear higher or lower like a skirt.

    I’ve a photo in my gallery on

    Curtsy missie sillymaid

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