Easy Deep Humiliation Rules

There is a simple protocol, once training on the protocol is concluded, to cause great humiliation to your sissy. Once he is all dressed up in his finery, and has completed any chores you may have given him, or at any time there is nothing to occupy him and he presents himself, you simply ask,

‘Pansy-piece, what would you like to do now?‘ He has been trained to always answer this question by saying,

‘Please Mistress, please can I play with my dollies now.’ Obviously his shame is intense and made worse with what follows. You respond by saying, in a very patronising, sarcastic tone,

‘Well of course you can play with your dollies pansy-piece, if that is what you want to do. Now sit on the floor over there and do some colouring-in with a dolly helping you.‘ So not only has he had to endure the shame of asking, but he then has to actually play with his dollies until further notice. Obviously if it is a default rule that he must always lisp, the ordeal is made worse still. And if you have one or more guests present the humiliation is deliciously deep. (Especially if they do not know of the pre-trained protocol – although they almost immediately guess it because of the shamed, miserable expression on sissies face.)

And the initial exchange can be dragged out. When sissy says,

‘Please Mistress, please can I play with my dollies now.’ You can respond by saying,

‘Is that what you really want to do you big pansy?’ Obviously he knows he must respond by confirming that he really does, and then you can twist the knife.

‘Well, aren’t you the most pathetic excuse for a man, wanting to play with dollies. Not a man at all are you, just a pathetic little sissy that deserves all he gets. So of course you can play with your dollies pansy-piece, if that is what you want to do so much. Now sit on the floor over there and do some colouring-in with a dolly helping you.

If you have a sissy maid, or French maid and your pleasure is the maid constantly doing chores, then the rule can be slightly different. Whenever he has finished a chore and presents himself, you ask,

‘Suzette, what would you like to do now?‘ Your maid has been trained to always answer this question by saying,

‘Please Mistress, please may I do another chore please Mistress.’ And of course you give him another chore; even if it is cleaning the floor or toilet he has just cleaned.

Believe me, the initial training is well worth the subsequent pleasure.

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10 Responses to Easy Deep Humiliation Rules

  1. Diapersissy says:


    This is one of my Mistress/Mommie’s favorite humiliations. She once took me to the grocery store of course in diapers and made me buy a package of 24 infant diapers for my dolly she had me name Tammy. She then took me home and made me sit on the floor in a sissy baby dress, diaper and pacifier stuffed in my mouth andforced me to me keep practicing feeding and changing Tammy in front of her while she enjoyed a glass of wine until the package of diapers were gone and I was thoroughly soaked myself. The only thing more humiliating would of been if she had her friends over which she has threatened to do.


  2. Carla says:

    Love your post training suggestions! I find making my sissy husband beg for and then have to redo whatever menial chore the sissy was doing is a great way to increase the sissy’s humiliation and misery. Another way is when the sissy is finishes and has no more chores have the sissy go to its punishment corner or into the playpen and have to play with itself- which is also so frustrating as the sissy is in chastity can cannot get relief. And playing with its widdle wee-wee when I have guests reinforces its sissy status even more:)

  3. rudysroost says:

    Not specific to this post, but I thought this product might interest You:

  4. I am going to get a mistress. Send me 1 really good and evil mistress please I promise to be better than a week untrained sub

    • I don’t think you stand much chance of securing a Mistress if you think Mistresses can be sent. We do not get sent, we go where we choose.

      I suggest you work hard at perfecting skills like cooking, housework, laundry, ironing, massage, pedicures, cunnilingus, yard work, gardening. That you earn good money, and are physically fit – that you are not obese. Then seek a mistress by sensitive wooing. In all things, be tolerant, be unselfish, be patient. Act with kindness, maturity and wisdom.

      If you are dating a likely candidate, serve her, for instance – start by opening all doors for her, waiting on her hand and foot, doing chores for her, giving her lots of orgasms while you have none, buy her flowers and gifts for no reason. (Do not buy chocolates or candy if she is trying to lose weight – that is lazy and insensitive). Keep all this up until she would miss such devotion were it to stop, then gently introduce the subject in tiny increments.

      If you are not dating, then I suggest BDSM contact sites, but it seems there about 100 submissive men for each dominant woman – so you are in a competition – you have to deserve a Domme to get one. You may perfect all the skills I mention and still not be lucky. Good luck and best wishes.

  5. petevans69 says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    I absolutely adore Your way of thinking. Your sissy slave is so lucky to have such a Dominant Mistress such as Yourself.

    I love reading Your blog.

    Submissively slave pete

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