Delightful, Cruel Dominance!

I received a long comment from Boot Gimp which I felt worthy of a blog posting in its own right. I wanted to make some observations on the conduct of Boot Gimp’s wonderful Mistress. How awesome she appears to be! Firstly, I just adore the technique of using deceitful empathy and exploitative encouragement to get a slave to talk freely and passionately about the shameful, pathetic perversities that affect them so deeply. And then when the shameful beans have been well and truly spilt, the Mistress switches mode and callously and scornfully mocks the slave for having such contemptible perversities of thought and personality. Secondly, that she invokes a new devastating rule making the slave miserable for no other reason than – just because she can, and informs the slave that the new rule will remain in place for the rest of the slave’s existence – with no chance of a change of heart. Thirdly having the slave sincerely give thanks for something the slave hates and, finally, giving an instruction suffixed by the dreaded words, ‘until further notice’. Such an instruction filling a slave with dread because they have no idea for how long the torment will continue.  Delightful, cruel dominance!

Here is the comment:

My Mistress has done something that has left me truely heartbroken and in awe of Her development into the Dominant role. A week ago she came back from shopping looking amazing in her tight jeans and very well worn black leather ballet flats ( such a favourite of mine). She ordered me to get myself naked, and to be collared and hand cuffed with a short chain connecting the cuffs to collar; putting me in a begging position. I was so excited as I had a feeling I was going to have prolonged shoe worship after her long day of shopping.

Mistress began asking me if I liked her shoes etc, teasing me, patronising me. Making me say in detail how much I love footwear, why I love them etc. She has a wonderful way of making me feel comfortable to admit to my shoe fetish desires fully before switching it around to letting me know how pathetic it is to be turned on by shoe sweat.

She then began to tell me of a thought She had had while out and about. I was told how lucky I am that I love shoe worship as footwear licking is one of her favourite things. She enjoys the visual aspect of looking down. She enjoys the symbolism. She even enjoys feeling a tongue pushing against her toes through leather.  And of course there is the practical aspect of cleaning shoes with my tongue. She then went on to explain though that my fetish for the SMELL of sweaty worn shoes has no benefit to her at all. She explained that she was unhappy that a byproduct of my shoe licking was me enjoying the aroma of her foot sweat. This is especially true when sometimes prolonged shoe licking is used as punishment – she said it wasn’t right that I have the reward of smelling the shoe.

I was a little bit confused by what she said. Then she told me she had a present for me and I was to put my hands out. She placed a little package in my hand containing a swimmers nose clip. She laughed very hard and loud as she saw the penny drop with me. I felt sick instantly. She quickly explained that I would be wearing my present for all future foot and footwear worship to ensure I fully concentrate on the cleaning and worship and not my own pathetic little sweaty shoe AROMA fetish.

I attempted to plead and argue. She cut me off by placing her hand out and demanding with authority, ‘£3.50 for the present gimp’. So for extra humiliation I had to scurry off to get money to pay for the worst present I’ve ever had. She then took the clip out of the packet and placed it on my nose. She then made me thank her and tell her how wonderful her idea was. This was extra humiliating given the nasal voice created by the clip.

She explained that when I deserve a reward I will occasionally be allowed to sniff her footwear, but I will be gagged. She then casually and heartlessly said that she doesn’t envisage any eventuallity where I’ll ever lick and smell her shoes at the same time ever again. I was and am still devastated.

She then gave me her sweaty shoes and told me to lick the sweat out until further notice.
And just for good measure, the nose clip stayed on for the rest of the day.

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9 Responses to Delightful, Cruel Dominance!

  1. Jacob Y says:

    First, I need to say that every idea and thought you post is amazing! The ideas shared are intoxicating… so much so that I have gone through a very interesting couple of months perusing the blog and, well… changing. I don’t know what others go through, but for the first few weeks, I felt overpowered by my need to find a true owner… someone who would take me even deeper into the depths of submissiveness than I have ever been before… but then….

    I realized I started appreciating and even enjoying the ideas of the joy and power you get as benefit from subjecting your slaves the way you do, and the ways they react to you. Over the past few weeks, I have developed an insatiable desire to Dom for the first time in my 46 years of life. So much so, that I have found a young woman almost half my age who was desperate for domination very similar to what I recently used to crave. I have agreed to take her as my slave on a trial basis and so far, it is working out gloriously!

    (2 months ago, I would have argued that I was born a submissive.)

    I thank you for freely sharing your, and many others’ thoughts and ideas. The result is beneficial to so many of us and, obviously, has been literally life-changing for me.

    Keep up the good work!



  2. fluffy says:

    how mean!
    how delicious!!
    how femdom!!!

  3. Ade says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlett,

    I have always been submisive and fantasising, that one day i will find a Mistress who would help me explore my inner perversion and vice versa. I absolutely adore your blog and your style and for myself personaly, Your blog is the best thing to read for Femdom.

    I would really like to ask you for any word of advice you could give to me. I am almost twenty one years old and i have never had any experience with a woman. I have always been into Femdom since i was little. Its a long time since i realised that i am a submissive shoe fetishist.

    Sometimes when i read your blog i get scared. I dont know where i could end up in my life. I feel like if someone did some of the things you describe to me, it would slowly destroy me and might just end up like a broken mindless shell of a person. On the other side when i put all of that fear aside, it is the cruelest, meanest and demeaning thing i ever heard and it makes my submisivity dance inside me. I dont have a clue what i should do. My fantasies are dark and i am really scared of what might happen to me.

    I even write stories, while i am for some time without orgasm. I wrote it turned on and then when i read it later, i cant see how i could live like that.

    I would be glad for any kind of advice you might give me.

    Your big and loyal fan.

    • Many followers think bitch-boy’s life is extreme, yet when in vanilla mode he is an exceptional man. He is not in any way a ‘broken, mindless shell of a person.’He could not be further from that. If you actually date a dominant, it is possible to take things slowly. It requires far less extremeness in real life to be deeply affected than it does in fantasy life.

      I suggest BDSM contact sites, but it seems there about 100 submissive men for each dominant woman – so you are in a competition – you have to deserve a Domme to get one.

      I suggest you work hard at perfecting skills like cooking, housework, laundry, ironing, massage, pedicures, cunnilingus, yard work, gardening. That you earn good money, and are physically fit – that you are not obese. Then seek a mistress by sensitive wooing. In all things, be tolerant, be unselfish, be patient, act with kindness, maturity and wisdom.

      If you are dating a likely candidate, serve her, for instance – start by opening all doors for her, waiting on her hand and foot, doing chores for her, giving her lots of orgasms while you have none, buy her flowers and gifts for no reason. (Do not buy chocolates or candy if she is trying to lose weight – that is lazy and insensitive). Keep all this up until she would miss such devotion were it to stop, then gently introduce the subject in tiny increments.

  4. furcissy says:

    Dear Ms Scarlet,
    I really should have left a comment on this post back when it was first published. I apologize for being delinquent in doing so. As a blogger it is always good to feel appreciated by readers. I let my shyness get in the way of that.

    I remember reading this post when it arrived in my email inbox and I found it absolutely haunting. It wasn’t the comment from Boot Gimp so much as it was your analysis of his situation. I found it insightful, calculating, and showing complete understanding the submissive male psyche. I really enjoyed this post. It actually made me tremble, but in a good way.

    I think at times there are people on the outside looking in don’t see the skillful way that a dominant woman manipulates submissive triggers. When submissive men wish to go deep into their submissive mental spaces, anguish is often the strongest catalyst for inducing a deeply submissive response. That submissive place so often contains the feelings that they hold so dearly and cannot reach in any other way. Too often it is missed that cruelty is often the gateway to exactly where the sub wishes to be.

    I also enjoyed this comment response very much:
    “Many followers think bitch-boy’s life is extreme, yet when in vanilla mode he is an exceptional man. He is not in any way a ‘broken, mindless shell of a person.’He could not be further from that.”

    I had guessed that he was a strong and capable individual. I am also guessing that he is very intelligent and interesting (and probably creative, too). Boring subs aren’t as fun to torment and weak ones would run 🙂

    At the risk of sounding like I am brown-nosing, I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog and this post stands out to me as one of the best I have ever read in the Femdom blogosphere in the 10 years I have been following and reading blogs.

    Take care.

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