Perfect and Cruel Status Differentiation

I thought these two videos were wonderful in depicting such a strong reinforcement of status differentiation and delightful cruelty too. A slaves cock VERY cruelly squashed under the Mistresses chair and denied sexual pleasure or climax, and the Mistress enjoying relaxed, satisfying masturbation in the face of the denied, tortured slave.



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9 Responses to Perfect and Cruel Status Differentiation

  1. sissy jamieanne says:

    There is NO doubt of their respective statuses, Ma’am. I love seeing the Mistress/slave differential so blatantly displayed!

  2. All I can think is what a lucky slave, even if he had to endure that pain to witness that view

  3. stacipennel says:

    Are u Misstress scarlet from romania

  4. UselessBalls says:

    Dear Ms Scarlett

    I write to you as additional part of my punishment. My Deamon Princess (She who holds ownership of my balls) has so ordered me to further humiliate me. Making my suffering public 😦

    So after an unaothorised touching and orgasm i have been sntenced to several days punishment.

    Each day for 5 days Im to go to her house (with my panties on under my usual clothes) and strip-off so she can laugh at me.

    Onece that is done I turn arund and she grabs my hardened cocak from anderneath my legs thus forcing me to bend over. She squeezes hard (she is very strong) and then proceeds to spank my nuts (5 spanks in each ball).

    Then with the same ruler my usually hard cock receives 20 slaps. Then Im tied up for 25 hard slaps on my ass with a paddle. Then Im forced to spread my cheeks and she spanks my anus with a horsewhip.

    Normally i then have to go home but chatisized and horny as hell. Though yestarday i had to perform an extra duty. I was suposed to lick her ass and pussy getting it nice and ready for her bull. After that I grabbed my panties and left.

    I learned my lesson it might be attached to me but my cock its not my own.

    My Lady hopes you enjoy my punishment and asks if there is anything that you might add to help me understand my lesson.

    Kissing you feet.


    • Perhaps a little bit of lemon juice or an embrocation cream.

      • Will says:

        An exceelent choice Mistress Scarlett. Might i add figging to the punishment. Some ginger root, shaped like a butt plug plced in his ass, and a piece slipped down the errant boy’s penis will capture his attention. Having him buy the ginger root, then cut and shape the devices adds to his torment and Mistress shouldn’t be doing work like that.

  5. darkhorsesub says:

    I’m hoping that ‘tips for status differentiation’ will feature strongly in the upcoming instructional book!

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