Humiliation Equipment Sourcing

I wonder if my wonderful blog followers can help me with some sourcing problems I have. Things wear out, new items become available. There are three items I wish to purchase to keep bitch-boy’s humiliation and subjugation levels at their highest but am struggling to find a UK source.

THE FIRST item is a see through plastic apron with frills. He has had a cream PVC apron for years which is very frilly indeed and he has to wear it for his kitchen work and serving meals, to protect whichever of his  pretty little girl’s dresses he is wearing under the apron. This apron is however, very much, on its last legs. I have seen frilled see-through plastic aprons on the internet and would love to get one for bitch-boy, so that his little girl attire could be seen through the plastic apron. But I cannot find a retailer of a frilled see-though plastic apron.

THE SECOND item is a lockable face/head harness which holds a pacifier securely in place. He has his lovely cock pacifier already but I would like to lock it in place. I have seen these pacifier head harnesses on the net in the past.

THE THIRD item is a strap on dildo, the balls of which are actually a squeezable bulb which can be filled with a fluid of ones choice. And then the dildo can ejaculate over the slave’s face or into the slave’s  mouth (or both), (or other orifice), at the appropriate moment. So degrading! Fluids can include any combination of natural yoghurt, spit, urine, the slaves own semen collected on a previous occasion.

Such items can also be used with naughty female Play-toys too.

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15 Responses to Humiliation Equipment Sourcing

  1. melissasabrina03 says:

    Dear Mistress,

    Do Mistress have pictures of them?

    But let me think, .”out loud” there are slaves who want’s to give mistress a tribute,

    And when they have seen a picture they know exactly what Mistress wants/means.

    So they can help searching (and….. Maybe Mistress gets surprises at Her snailmailbox)


  2. Diapersissy says:

    Mistress Scarlet am afraid not in the UK but try or both ship worldwide for pacifier gags. I have made my own penis pacifiers if you want me to show you one let me know. My Mistrsses love to make me suck on them. Sincerely

  3. derek says:

    Mistress, These sites may be of interest, I hope they are.
    For the apron:
    For the lockable pacifier harness:
    For the dildo:

    Good luck and keep up the good work with your blog and writing.


    • Thank you derek. The apron is too small I am afraid. I am looking for a very full one. It seems the apron will be the hardest item to source.

      I had already been pointed to the supplier in the Etsy link, but I see there they do custom ones. I am coming up with a design to have them make. I obviously want a cock pacifier rather than a standard pacifier. Excellent, thank you.

      I have been given plenty of supplier links for the squirting dildo, they are more popular than I imagined. I will add yours to my choice list.
      Thank you.

  4. Shawn says:

    I want a bitch boy lifestyle. I would love to serice a master or mistress

  5. derek says:

    Mistress Scarlett, I have done some further research for the apron. It may be that you will have to have one made up. if you look on this webpage: the fifth picture down shows a dress with an apron. This company appears to take special orders and it may be that they could make a suitable clear apron for you based on this sort of design. They seem to have quite an interesting range of clothing. Perhaps a ‘hobbler’ maids type dress might make bitchboys life a little harder when doing his chores. I have seen a site which also makes up ‘punishment’ clothing made of rough hessian which if I remember rightly can made lockable. Derek

  6. 3rd eye says:

    any strap that can be fastened around the head can be modified to hold a pacifier. just cut a small slit in it to fit the ring through.

  7. Brian May says:

    “Veiny Victor” sounds just like what you’re looking for… –

    Thank you for sharing your lifestyle with us.


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