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Battery Powered Orgasms?

I use a mains powered Doxy Magic Wand style massager, both on myself and on Play-toy for edging her. I LOVE my Doxy Magic Wand massager! I often use it even when a slave’s obedient, well trained tongue is available to me. I love it that much! But it is plug-in with a lead.

I am considering a rechargeable Original Magic Wand or a Lelo Smart rechargeable wand. Both have great reviews. I know the Original Magic Wand is from the USA and I think comes with a bulky conversion unit for UK sockets. The Lelo has a smart feature. The harder you press, the harder it vibrates. Can any blog followers advise on the best cordless to get?

Sharp bristles for dickie

Sissy Tracy’s Mistress wants to know where in the USA she can get this style of brush having read my earlier blog post.

25016_1 - Copy

I have tried it now. It is fantastic, (but bitch-boy did not think so). You have to bend the wires apart just a little at the rounded end to make it perfect so that a stiff little clitty just fits through and the brush can be moved up and down the shaft. Judging by the squealing, the bristles are very sharp! Poor bitch-boy.

Lately during a full day of DS time I find myself having around 10 very significant orgasms while bitch-boy suffers. I wonder what is happening to me. Abusing ABSOLUTE POWER is SUCH an aphrodisiac.



Very Cruel Governess

Governess Lexi has become fairly zealous about spending hours, babysitting bitch-boy. Just him and her while I am out of the house. Her, half his age. She spent nearly three hours one afternoon last week,  babysitting poor bitch-boy until I came home from work early evening.

When she arrived, she had him strip naked and then remove his chastity tube, making sure she noted the number of the plastic padlock that had been securing it in place. She then pissed on him while he lay face-up in the walk-in shower, his wrists secured behind his back. Her journey time had been long and she had a lot to give. She had him thank her so she could piss in his open mouth. Then he had to have a cold shower. He then had to lick the soles of her shoes clean. She then dressed him in full little girl outfit and spent ages doing his make-up. Lots of foundation and massive false eye lashes above and below his eyes. She then took him outdoors and relaxed while he had to push his dolly around in its pushchair, (stroller), talking to the dolly continuously about the pretty flowers and having to pretend to be the dolly talking back to himself. Back inside, secured face down over the dining table, he received the first of 5 punishments to his butt and the backs of his thighs. Governess Lexi was VERY, VERY harsh! (The marks were a sight to behold by the time I came in from work!)

Another treat was, secured face up on the BDSM bed, legs held wide apart, she prepared a sunglasses pouch, filling it with 8 large stinging nettle leaves. She made his clitty hard and then pulled the pouch over his clitty and ran her hands all around the pouch in a squeezing motion. bitch-boy was SO UPSET and distressed with the pain. Lexi loves doing this. Back downstairs, he again, had to lick the soles of her shoes clean while she read a magazine, (because she had been outside since the first cleaning and the soles may have got dirty).

And so the babysitting continued until I arrived home and she and I embraced and kissed passionately while bitch-boy sat on the floor with his colouring-in. Lexi made him watch her run her hands all over my body, teasing him about how he is never allowed to do so. Lexi is a lesbian and gets no sexual arousal from her cruelty, just sadistic pleasure. That almost seems more decadent than when I abuse him for sexual pleasure purposes. I myself feel SOOO powerful while I am at work knowing what I have allowed to be happening back at my home, just to please my girlfriend.

Nurse Nasty has a new device

Those of you who have read my journals will know all about the sessions poor bitch-boy has to endure under the control of Nurse Nasty. And of late, TWO Nurse Nasties, as Governess Lexi loves being a junior nurse learning from my more experienced senior nurse role.

Well I have found a very low cost piece of new equipment for the beneficial medical treatment of poor bitch-boy’s little clitty. I don’t think bitch-boy finds the treatment beneficial, but NURSE KNOWS BEST!

From a very well known UK kitchen equipment retailer – a blender blade cleaning brush. £5.99. The wires can be bent open to the perfect size for a stiff little clitty to fit inside the loop for some medical standard cleansing, in advance of a natural treatment like lemon juice, or a medical treatment like Deep Heat embrocation cream. Although it does seem bitch-boy thinks the cleansing alone is more than enough. But as I said before, Nurse knows best.

25016_1 - Copy


Problems with Lulu

My published journals have been purchased at a steady rate since the first was published. I have sold thousands and I love that I might have been responsible for the enhancement of the submissive lives of at least a few real submissive’s and an increase in the satisfaction of the dominants that dominate them.  I use for selling paperbacks and for distribution to Nook, Barnes and Noble etc. And I use Amazon for Kindle versions. Over the past month the purchases from the distribution route have almost ceased while the Amazon sales continue as normal.

So my question is, dear followers, if you know, has the process of purchase from become difficult for some reason?




Athletic Swedish Women Rule

I know I do go on about my love of Scandinavia from time to time. The secular Government systems, the tolerance, the openness about sex and the huge role women play in the societies. Well I wonder if this week, you all got to see the news item to which this photograph relates.

tumblr_ob54cyPc661tbmw81o1_1280 - Copy

Particularly in Sweden, the majority of women have a very athletic build, long legs, very broad shoulders, delightful. Well the photograph shows the moment a bag snatcher in the park got his just desserts. He snatched a woman’s bag not knowing she was next to a group of sunbathing female police officers. They chased him down; and he finds himself pinned with his arm twisted high up his back. If only all the rest of the world was even half as sophisticated as the Scandinavian countries!

Cruel Fun with a Human Doll

I am sure my blog followers will recall that when bitch-boy is in his full little girl outfit, that includes huge false eyelashes.

eyelashgr226-400x134 - Copy

Well last Sunday Governess Lexi and I were lazily relaxing with bitch-boy as our sole source of amusement. (Apart from French kissing in front of him and Lexi running her hands all over my body and taunting bitch-boy over how he was never allowed to do so.) We were especially cruel for some reason, but before we began his humiliation and abuse in earnest, Lexi applied his foundation and make-up and then on a whim, as well as applying false lashes above his eyes, I also applied them below his eyes. It created a spectacular effect and poor bitch-boy could not have looked more like a REAL doll. Especially with the deep burgundy lipstick Lexi applied very, very thickly to his lips. He will be wearing four false eyelashes often from now on, despite that he has a little difficulty seeing through them. A sort of horizontal tunnel vision. His problem, not ours!

I should just mention how delightfully cruel Lexi is with him. During the process of applying the make-up she held out two lipsticks in front of him. The deep burgundy one and a peach coloured one. She asked which he would like. He miserably indicated the peach one and without a word, Lexi dropped the peach one back into the bag, and began applying the burgundy one. So amusing. bitch-boy looked so, so despondent.

Bitch-boy’s new apron

My thanks go to Peter for sourcing the apron I have now ordered for bitch-boy.

s-l500 - Copy

He has had, for many years, a large, cream, PVC apron with lots of frills and he has to wear it when preparing and serving meals to me and to any guests that may be present. But it is cracking and fraying and has seen better days. Some really helpful responses to my previous post seeking help sourcing several items, resulted in the above. I wanted see-thru because if bitch-boy happens to be in his most shaming little girl dress, I want that to show under the apron.

Further great assistance, this time from derek has identified a maker of straps to hold pacifiers in place. (Like the one below). It seems they take bespoke orders so I will be looking to get one in a very, very little girl style, lockable with a padlock at the buckle and capable of holding bitch-boy’s cock pacifier in place. (Or Play-toy’s.)

il_570xN_805411952_1qwe - Copy