Bitch-boy’s new apron

My thanks go to Peter for sourcing the apron I have now ordered for bitch-boy.

s-l500 - Copy

He has had, for many years, a large, cream, PVC apron with lots of frills and he has to wear it when preparing and serving meals to me and to any guests that may be present. But it is cracking and fraying and has seen better days. Some really helpful responses to my previous post seeking help sourcing several items, resulted in the above. I wanted see-thru because if bitch-boy happens to be in his most shaming little girl dress, I want that to show under the apron.

Further great assistance, this time from derek has identified a maker of straps to hold pacifiers in place. (Like the one below). It seems they take bespoke orders so I will be looking to get one in a very, very little girl style, lockable with a padlock at the buckle and capable of holding bitch-boy’s cock pacifier in place. (Or Play-toy’s.)

il_570xN_805411952_1qwe - Copy



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8 Responses to Bitch-boy’s new apron

  1. Miss K's sissy slut face says:

    That would surely be tortuous and demoralizing for bitch-boi, Mistress Scarlet. How delicious!

    i have (with Miss K’s permission) purchased all of your journals and with Miss K’s similar commitment to lifestyle Sm/TPE, incl with the coming addition of ritual morning deterrent punishments and beatings before me heading to work, we each now have a sense of each of your respective roles.

    Would you permit me an off-topic question: does Governess Lexi enjoy kicking and stomping bitch-boi? Her contempt for men in general, and bitch boi in particular, had me wondering if she showed her contempt and control in those ways.

    Miss K’s sissy slut face

    • Governess Lexi has not kicked bitch-boy. I don’t know if she has thought of it. It is not something I have ever done either, apart from pushing him to the floor with the sole of my boot to his chest/shoulder when he is kneeling with wrists bound behind his back.

      Stomping sounds a little inelegant. Squashing hands, fingers and cock under soles and heels is something we have both done. Also squashing his cock between the sole of the foot and the shoe upper sole surface when wearing mules, we both did, just the weekend gone.

  2. David says:

    Will bitch-boi ever where his new PVC see-thru apron without any clothes on or only over his outfits?

  3. mddiane says:

    That’s a cute little strap. Where can I find it?

  4. rubberpinafore says:

    My wife/Mistress also insists on transparent PVC aprons as the final layer over my uniform (strict overall, tabard and PVC aprons, with rubber gloves and maid’s headdress or plastic mob cap) and I have several of them.

    They are indeed hugely humiliating as once locked on I cannot take any of aprons off and every layer is on show.

    Your choice is quite wonderful and I would cringe to be presented in this manner.

    Just as another idea for your consideration, this is one of my wife’s favourite ways to humiliate me.

    She has modified several aprons with an appropriate slit directly in line to pull my cock through and then she puts it into a plastic, transparent cock cage (CB 3000 or similar). Once the cage is locked, I can no longer withdraw my cock behind my PVC pinny and it remains on show for all to see.

    I then have to perform my menial chores on full display in a hideous girlie apron with no where to hide. The shame is mortifying yet my wife just laughs at it/me.

    • Your wife sounds fantastic. I am sure I would get on well with her! I will consider the idea of a hole as you say. I like how shaming that would be for bitch-boy and how vulnerable would be the exposed, protruding useless pieces of flesh.

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