Cruel Fun with a Human Doll

I am sure my blog followers will recall that when bitch-boy is in his full little girl outfit, that includes huge false eyelashes.

eyelashgr226-400x134 - Copy

Well last Sunday Governess Lexi and I were lazily relaxing with bitch-boy as our sole source of amusement. (Apart from French kissing in front of him and Lexi running her hands all over my body and taunting bitch-boy over how he was never allowed to do so.) We were especially cruel for some reason, but before we began his humiliation and abuse in earnest, Lexi applied his foundation and make-up and then on a whim, as well as applying false lashes above his eyes, I also applied them below his eyes. It created a spectacular effect and poor bitch-boy could not have looked more like a REAL doll. Especially with the deep burgundy lipstick Lexi applied very, very thickly to his lips. He will be wearing four false eyelashes often from now on, despite that he has a little difficulty seeing through them. A sort of horizontal tunnel vision. His problem, not ours!

I should just mention how delightfully cruel Lexi is with him. During the process of applying the make-up she held out two lipsticks in front of him. The deep burgundy one and a peach coloured one. She asked which he would like. He miserably indicated the peach one and without a word, Lexi dropped the peach one back into the bag, and began applying the burgundy one. So amusing. bitch-boy looked so, so despondent.

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9 Responses to Cruel Fun with a Human Doll

  1. sissy says:

    Your bitch-boi is such a lucky boi to have a wonderful Mistress to tease him Miss

  2. Martin says:

    This sounds really interesting, would it be possible to see a photo of bitch-boy wearing his doll make up?

  3. JR says:

    Hello Mistress Scarlet! That really sounds like a paradise for the bitch-boy and interesting day in general. Please write more about it, I’m extremely curious how your slave behaved covered in fake eyelashes and teased by 2 incredible Women!


  4. housework boy says:

    Dear Ms Scarlet

    I thought the following link to Miss Deelight’s blog may amuse you. It is an account of a slave being really out of his comfort zone and taken to buy his own make-up.

    kindest regards
    housework boy

  5. housework boy says:

    There are several references through Miss Deelight’s blog.

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