Athletic Swedish Women Rule

I know I do go on about my love of Scandinavia from time to time. The secular Government systems, the tolerance, the openness about sex and the huge role women play in the societies. Well I wonder if this week, you all got to see the news item to which this photograph relates.

tumblr_ob54cyPc661tbmw81o1_1280 - Copy

Particularly in Sweden, the majority of women have a very athletic build, long legs, very broad shoulders, delightful. Well the photograph shows the moment a bag snatcher in the park got his just desserts. He snatched a woman’s bag not knowing she was next to a group of sunbathing female police officers. They chased him down; and he finds himself pinned with his arm twisted high up his back. If only all the rest of the world was even half as sophisticated as the Scandinavian countries!

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5 Responses to Athletic Swedish Women Rule

  1. kylie says:

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  2. Cuckslave says:

    he got what he deserved Ms Scarlett. More men should get their comeuppance.

  3. makqua says:

    …and who say’s ‘crime doesn’t pay’. Wondering whether he got himself caught on purpose 🙂

  4. facesittingponyboy says:

    sexy Goddess in action

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