Problems with Lulu

My published journals have been purchased at a steady rate since the first was published. I have sold thousands and I love that I might have been responsible for the enhancement of the submissive lives of at least a few real submissive’s and an increase in the satisfaction of the dominants that dominate them.  I use for selling paperbacks and for distribution to Nook, Barnes and Noble etc. And I use Amazon for Kindle versions. Over the past month the purchases from the distribution route have almost ceased while the Amazon sales continue as normal.

So my question is, dear followers, if you know, has the process of purchase from become difficult for some reason?




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4 Responses to Problems with Lulu

  1. Sometimes, companies that are processing credit cards change their “scrub” model. Many cards are refused even if they worked until that moment. It is out of your control, unfortunately. Depending how they work ( I have extensive experience with pay sites ) , you should get email for every denied transaction. At least is like that with sites selling classic membership. If getting those emails is not a standard procedure, I think you should contact them with precisely same question. Also, do you have statsistics? How many people is visiting your stuff on lulu in that period compared to ,for example, last year?

  2. makqua says:

    Hi Ms Scarlet,
    I brought Volume 1 and 2 of your books two months ago and process was very smooth. It took just a matter of minutes to purchase and download the PDFs.
    I do hope your guide to female domination is going well, can’t wait for it to be published!

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