Nurse Nasty has a new device

Those of you who have read my journals will know all about the sessions poor bitch-boy has to endure under the control of Nurse Nasty. And of late, TWO Nurse Nasties, as Governess Lexi loves being a junior nurse learning from my more experienced senior nurse role.

Well I have found a very low cost piece of new equipment for the beneficial medical treatment of poor bitch-boy’s little clitty. I don’t think bitch-boy finds the treatment beneficial, but NURSE KNOWS BEST!

From a very well known UK kitchen equipment retailer – a blender blade cleaning brush. £5.99. The wires can be bent open to the perfect size for a stiff little clitty to fit inside the loop for some medical standard cleansing, in advance of a natural treatment like lemon juice, or a medical treatment like Deep Heat embrocation cream. Although it does seem bitch-boy thinks the cleansing alone is more than enough. But as I said before, Nurse knows best.

25016_1 - Copy


12 thoughts on “Nurse Nasty has a new device

  1. Oh Mistress Scarlet! Your wonderful generosity to bitchboy never ceases! I do hope he’s shown the proper gratitude to You for ensuring he suffers plenty!


    sissy jamieanne

  2. Hello mistress i love to read what your doing have you every thought about role playing a Disney theme. You could dress Bitch Boy as Snow White and you dress as the evil queen and you would torment him or you can even do Cinderella or any Disney princess it would be so humiliating.

    1. The idea has plenty of appeal but it seems to be effort and role play for me which is not needed for me to tick all my own boxes by bitch-boy being forced to role play a little girl which I relax as myself.

  3. Hi Ms Scarlet,

    A smaller version of the toilet bowl brush which I slip over my sissy husband’s little wee-wee ( I sent you a picture a while ago). The one advantage of the toilet bowl brush is that with the longer handle pushing up into pussie’s belly the poor thing cannot bend over so the brush serves as a posture discipline device as well. Also as suggested by a friend, you can use a second toilet bowl brush down the backside so that the two brush heads come together in the very sensitive area between the sissy’s legs- and the harsh bristles of the second brush are just so comforting to pussie after a good hard paddling or just making the sissy have to sit on a hard stool with one set of bristles on the wee-wee and one under the rear end .

    Best wishes,



  4. I was wondering if Governess Lexi has her own ruler for dickie discipline, if she does when the 2 of you are attending to his needs you could ask him which one bb prefers. The beauty of that game is that until he makes up his mind you can both spank him and once he decides he can’t complain when he is being spanked as he said he preferred that ruler.

  5. I suppose bb is out-of-practice when it comes to the technique of penetrative sex, perhaps he could persuade you to hold it still long enough for him to apply one of the lubricants you mentioned and gyrate his hips to pleasure it?

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